As the Marketing Manager for Palo Alto Software, I interact regularly with entrepreneurs or those helping entrepreneurs start their businesses. And with that comes a lot of encouragement to plan. It’s very easy to tell people they need to plan and without planning, they won’t have a roadmap for success. But actually sitting down to do the planning is a very different story.

I have been meaning, for quite some time now, to sit down and do some planning of my own. I want to get a marketing plan in place for the channels I manage so I have a better understanding of my market, my strategy, my goals, etc. And so I am actually going to (finally) do it. I am thankful for our newest product, Marketing Plan Pro powered by Duct Tape Marketing, because not only do I have a tool to help me get started and focused on the right things, but I also get the wisdom and advice of John Jantsch right at my fingertips.

I know that may sound like a shameless plug for our product, but I promise it isn’t. I am not interested in shoving our products down people’s throat. I am interested in helping those who want to plan, start and grow their businesses and making them aware of valuable, affordable tools that can assist them in the process.

That being said, I am off to start my own planning. Wish me luck!

Kristen Langham
Marketing Manager
Palo Alto Software