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Test Your Leadership With These Two Questions

Are you running a business, or an organization, or a team? For a quick rating of your own leadership, ask yourself these questions about bad news:
1. How quickly do you get the bad news? and  2. How do you respond to bad news?

Are Business Social Media Campaigns About Listening?

Brian Solis, author of Engage, expert on social media for business, posted  The End of Social Media 1.0 last week on his blog. Not that there is a 2.0 or 3.0 exactly, he explains, but he says we’re at an inflection point.

Are Spelling and Grammar Obsolete?

Am I being too critical? Do you react like I do to blatant spelling errors? Do they spoil messages for you?

Don’t Compete on Price. Please.

I caught Ted Coiné’s 12 Most Irrefutable Laws of Business Heresy the other day (no longer available). I really like that list. And it’s a great title for a post. And it’s an excellent post, great advice coming one delightful rule after another.