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Ideas: Evolutionary Computing and Internet As Brain

Call it coincidence, serendipity, synchronicity, or just random, but last week I was accidentally exposed to two seemingly unrelated ideas that ended up seeming very related to me. And they gave me a fascinating whack on the side of the head. I thought artificial intelligence had run its course, but computers that learn could be much more important.

5 Questions About Power vs. Control vs. Results

Have you ever looked at the difference between power and control in leadership and management? Here’s what I’m guessing.Power and control are quite different and sometimes in conflict. The more control you have, the less power. Does that make sense? I’m just guessing here, not studying the literature.

When Your Gut Screws Up Your Analysis, Shut Up and Listen

True story: my wife and I wanted to move but we weren’t sure where. In true MBA fashion, I set up a spreadsheet to compare candidate locations for a series of factor including outdoor sports, weather, smog, traffic, lifestyle, public education, crime, and so on.

Long-Term Successes Don’t Leave Out Investors

For an investor in a startup, return on investment is as simple as writing a check now and depositing some related money later.  And since startups are risky, you’d expect to hit big when you win because you’re so much more likely to lose. Does that make sense?

What You Call Management I Call Ownership

I was shocked when my friend said his bosses complained he “took too much ownership” as a department manager in a 20-employee service business. They cut his role in the company, and bruised his ego. All the time I was running my own business, 20+ years, what I wanted most from my team was ownership. And his bosses were complaining.