Are you looking to promote your business to a local audience? Local marketing practices change constantly, and one way to keep up with the times is to find leading experts and follow their blogs. Just a few minutes a day browsing through your blog reader will help you see other entrepreneurs in action, generate new ideas, and ultimately increase profits. The following blogs rank among the best in their field.

AmEx Open Forum

American Express Open Forum

It’s not strictly local per se, but OPEN forum is a must-read. Frequently updated and packed with the latest information, this blog provides comprehensive coverage and analysis from a broad array of small business experts. Its areas of focus include developments in social media-based marketing, digital content, and the online facets of business operations. A convenient link at the top of the page gives readers easy access to posts that include illuminating tables and charts.

Local SEO Guide

Local SEO guide marketing blog

Andrew Shotland, who operates this blog, brings a wealth of experience from the fields of network TV websites, search engine optimization (SEO) programming, and SEO consulting. Many posts center on local SEO developments and how they relate to small local businesses. The blog’s user-friendly layout makes it easy to read yet filled with valuable information for business owners and marketers.

LocalVox Internet Marketing Blog

LocalVox marketing blog

With clients ranging from brand-name companies to single-person operations, LocalVox Media is a platform that aims to help businesses market themselves more effectively to local customers. Its blog covers crucial topics such as keyword efficiency, mastering social media techniques, and how content marketing drives local advertising success. A convenient subscription option delivers blog posts and other relevant news directly to the user’s inbox.

Small Biz Survival

Small Biz Survival local marketing blog

This unique blog provides hands-on tips for business owners in small towns and rural markets, but the information can easily be adapted to urban businesses that seek to establish a local following. The advice is clear and well thought-out, focusing on helping business owners build, maintain, and more effectively manage a tribe of devoted customers. Many of the articles focus on navigating and boosting the local economy, and offline advertising and customer engagement tips.

Small Business Trends

small business trends marketing blog

This blog aims to help small business owners find success in the high-paced and challenging atmosphere of the 21st century. Posts frequently offer tips on creating online videos, podcasting, and using outsourcing services. One popular post describes how to compete with large advertisers on PPC.

Duct Tape Marketing

Duct Tape Marketing blog

John Jantsch, author of the popular Duct Tape Marketing System, gives daily no-nonsense advice on branding, marketing, and social media for small businesses. The blog regularly explores topics such as advertising in the new digital age, online lead generation, and business strategies designed to capitalize on consumer behavior. Many posts focus on ways to reach an audience that circumvent traditional advertising models.

AvatarDave Cannon

Dave Cannon is a social entrepreneur based in the Pacific Northwest and contributor to After attending the BYU Marriott school he co-founded and raised over $100,000 for, a microenterprise e-commerce platform.