Welcome to Day 1 of the Big Brand Challenge

Today we focus on the core of branding—defining who you are. Take a good look at your business. Your customers can’t begin to understand your value proposition unless you know it yourself. Once you’ve defined who you are you can move on to:

How the challenge works:

If you’ve signed up to take part in the challenge, each day you’ll receive an email with a link to the relevant article. Each article will contain a worksheet in a few different formats: written out, as a PDF download, or as an infographic. How you choose to work through the challenge is up to you.

Once you’ve finished with the entire five-day challenge, you will need to submit your “before and after story” to Brand Genie.

However, for the moment don’t worry about that, we will remind you at the end. Just focus on figuring out who you are and who your company is. Above all, enjoy yourself!

For Day 1, you’re going to work through answering some key questions. Let’s get started.


Prefer to work through it later?

Download the 2-page PDF version of Day 1 of the Big Brand Challenge. You can also skip to the end of this article if you want the embed code to place the infographic on your own site.

Who are you?

Exercise 1:

Write down five words to describe your business.

Why are you doing this?

You can’t be all things to all people. Defining a narrow set of core values is essential to defining your brand. Use words like honest, innovative, traditional, beautiful, affordable, and so on.

  1. _________________________________
  2. _________________________________
  3. _________________________________
  4. _________________________________
  5. _________________________________

Exercise 2: 

Choose the one word that is most important from your list.

Why are you doing this?

One word is easier to remember than five. Have this word guide your brand—with the other four words to support it.

My one word is: _________________________________

Exercise 3:

Choose your business heroes.

Why are you doing this?

Write down three businesses that you really admire. These don’t have to be in your industry. These should be businesses with key value propositions you want to imitate.

  1. _________________________________
  2. _________________________________
  3. _________________________________

Exercise 4:

Choose a celebrity.

Why are you doing this?

You need to understand how your brand looks, feels, and behaves. Choose a celebrity that embodies your business values.

My celebrity is: _________________________________

Exercise 5:

Choose a body of water.

Why are you doing this?

Define whether you would be a bubbling brook, a still mountain lake, a water fountain, the Trevi fountain. This helps you to understand the personality type of your business and will begin to feed into the types of images you might use to represent you.

My body of water is: _________________________________

Exercise 6:

Create a mood board.

Why are you doing this?

Create a mood board (or do it on Pinterest) with the results of today. Include your words and images and make sure they work together. Do these all make you think of your first word—and hopefully your next four words too. This is a first stab at who you are and what your customers will say about you.

Board: _________________________________

Completing today’s work

Now think about your current brand. If you sent your answers in this worksheet to your customers, your employees, and your partners, would they say it matched with how they perceive you?

Did you successfully complete Day 1? Let everybody know!

Stay tuned for Day 2 of the Big Brand Challenge to see how you can instantly convey who you are to the world. Visit “Brand Yourself” for more info.

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Sara Conte
Sara Conte

Sara Conte is co-founder of Brand Genie, the creator of an affordable, automated brand builder for small businesses. Brand Genie automatically matches small businesses with a recommended brand personality through 12 easy questions. Small businesses can then quickly build a cohesive and well-designed Brand Kit, including a logo, business card, and website. You can follow Sara on Google+.