On Twitter this morning, a note by Barry Moltz caught my eye.

@barrymoltz:  Perfect movie for entrepreneurs and car people- “The Entrepreneur” about Macolm Bricklin  https://bit.ly/9THrC

The good news is that Barry is pointing to a very good 1 hour and 30 minute documentary about Malcolm Bricklin.

In 1967 Malcolm Bricklin started Subaru of America. This established him as a maverick entrepreneur and a man ahead of his time. Now, 40 years later he’s back and ready to do it all over again. But this time it’s China and the stakes are higher than ever. The film is shot by Malcom’s son, Jonathan. It’s a no holds barred accounting of Malcom’s latest attempt to put the auto industry on it’s ear.

The bad news, is that the film is only available on the website for free until tomorrow.

If you have the time to spare, I really urge you to watch this fascinating, inside look into Mr. Bricklin’s attempt to put together the deal of his life.

Watch The Entrepreneur – Through 7/30 only

‘Chelle Parmele