I was sent a link to an article about a pub in the UK that has decided to only charge £1 for their meals. All the meals. Lunch and dinner.

And their gamble is paying off.

“Three or four months ago we were really struggling, we thought we would have to give it up,” he told Sky News Online.

“Back then we typically had 15 people in for lunch – today I’ve had 300. Tonight there’ll be about 350 people in, whereas four months ago it was 20.

In fact, the gamble has paid off so well for them, they aren’t going to go back to regular prices. How do they make a profit by pricing everything on the menu at only one pound?

“We are making a profit by doing everything ourselves, shopping and sourcing the food locally, we’ve got a local butcher who works along with us,” says the landlord.
“We can do some of the items on the menu – things like meatballs and chips or chicken and chips – for 20p or 30p a portion, so we’re still making a profit.”
The pub is now doing a roaring trade with people travelling from Birmingham and even Liverpool to enjoy the food.

Now, there’s a business that moves with the punches. Good for them.

‘Chelle Parmele
Social Media Marketing Manager
Palo Alto Software

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