The plan-as-you-go business plan is the answer to what we need from now on to take planning into the core of business, make it management, use it to help grow and direct the future, proactively.

I have a summary of this in my most recent monthly column on Entrepreneur.

This is going to be my next book, published by Entrepreneur, due out in the bookstores and on the web in September of this year.

It’s about planning, not just a plan. Make the plan only as big as you need, not a formal document if you don’t need a formal document. Keep it on the computer.

It starts with setting up review schedules, and it also includes metrics, dates, deadlines, specifics, cash flow and the marketing heart of the plan. But it isn’t a complete formal document until you find yourself needing a complete formal document.

For more detail, it’s on Planning Startups Stories.

Tim BerryTim Berry

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