Direct quote today, for Thanksgiving, from  Bob Sutton: “The Silver Lining: Selfishness and Greed are Not Cool These Days”:

The lost jobs, economic suffering, and fear are terrible things and my heart goes out to all those who are hurt and will be hurt by this mess. In the Thanksgiving spirit, however, I do see something to be thankful for these days: Being greedy and selfish–doing things for me, me, me and ignoring or exploiting others in the process–is out of fashion. The current crop of Stanford students [is] the most socially conscious I have ever encountered during my 25 years here–things like stopping global warming, improving K-12 education and reducing poverty are seen as what the coolest students do. And–despite how hard it is to get a job–recruiters will tell you that, to get the best students, they need to demonstrate serious commitment to these and related issues.

Have a happy, safe Thanksgiving holiday.

Tim BerryTim Berry

Tim Berry is the founder and chairman of Palo Alto Software and Follow him on Twitter @Timberry.