McKinsey & Company is launching a virtual business plan competition in Second Life.

Be part of the first truly global business-building contest ever held
in the virtual world! The Virtual Venture Competition is your chance to
turn your innovative ideas into successful business operations in
Second Life.


The competition is open to students and young professionals no more
than 32 years old, and first prize is US$20,000 in training and career counseling. Teams get 45 days to build a business, but there’s no
fixed start or end date, you can apparently jump in at any time. Only a
limited number of teams will receive initial funding, however.

It should be really interesting to see how this plays out. This is the 1st business plan competition of this type than I’m aware of. If you’re a member of the Second Life community, comment here and let us know how this develops.

Cale Bruckner

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Cale Bruckner
Cale Bruckner

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