The Woman’s Congress starts in Miami Florida this weekend at the Miami Beach Convention Center.

Tim Berry and Sabrina Parsons, our President and CEO, will be on hand to present a seminar on family succession planning.

Their part of the conference will take place on Friday, the 25th at 10:45-12:00 noon session in Room 239. Tim and Sabrina will be presenting with Mazy Gills of RHR International and the moderator, Mira Halpert of 3D Learning.

Here’s the description of what they’ll be talking about:

As a business leader, everyone needs a long term plan for succession.  For small businesses, how do you plan for a new leader? For corporate executives, how do you plan for your own succession?  This session explores objective and systematic methods, and evaluating and tracking the talent necessary for future leadership positions so your business continues to grow.  Three to five year planning should be done to ensure that key positions have the back up needed so that organizations remain strong in years to come.

If you’re already planning on going, please stop by and say hello!


‘Chelle Parmele
Social Media Marketing Manager
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