There’s an article from our Tim Berry that I wanted to point out for everyone today.

Economic Crises Call for Better Marketing Plans
Waiting for the next crisis to hit means you will have waited too long to revise your business plan.

As I write this, uncertainty crashes all around us like a violent hurricane. Now is the time to bolster your sales and marketing plans and get ready for disaster business planning. Lehman Brothers went under, Merrill Lynch was picked up in a fire sale by Bank of America and AIG needed government assistance to stay afloat. We’re worried about the Chinese pulling their money out of our economy, sending us spiraling further downward. And nobody has figured out what to do about huge federal spending deficits. Then there’s trade deficits (although the plunging dollar will help curb that problem), the sub-prime crisis, plunging real estate values, a crashing stock market, not much hope for venture capitalists getting money out of their investments for a while, and, wow, take a breath, what else?

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‘Chelle Parmele
Social Media Marketing Manager
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