Did you miss any of Tim’s posts this past week? You know the drill…

Brace Yourself. Success Brings Detractors.

It’s funny — well, maybe annoying is a better word — how one of the so-called trappings of success is criticism.

Is Entrepreneurship Contagious?

Is entrepreneurship contagious? Think about it, and consider this: Obesity is contagious, so is quitting smoking, and so is divorce. Why not entrepreneurship?

What Kind of Advertising for a Startup

I revised my timberry.com website a couple of months ago and one of the additions was the ask me page where I offering to answer questions people ask. This question came to me from that page and I think it might be a useful answer for this blog.

Use Business Lines to Read Warnings in Numbers

Are you minding your business? I’ve found through the years of minding my business that most of the important insight in the numbers comes in lines, not dots. I mean that tracking the change in key indicators over time, with lines, is much more valuable than looking at them at any specific point, as a dot.