Time is a lot like money, with one important difference. While we can choose to save or spend both of them, we just can’t make more time.

What would you do if you had more time? How would you spend it? How can the way you spend your time make you a happier, more successful business person?

Join us on Wednesday, May 6th at 10:00am PST for a fun, laid-back webinar with Lara Galloway, author, speaker, and business coach for entrepreneurs, where she shares:

  •  5 things you do that are wasting your time (that you might not even realize you’re doing)
  • 10 productivity hacks (so you get more done in less time)
  • One simple mindset shift to go from overwhelmed and stressed out to feeling accomplished and relaxed

Everyone who attends the webinar will receive a downloadable worksheet to complete during this interactive workshop. Bring your questions, your challenges, and your goals with you and get support from a top work and life coach, so you can finally enjoy the way you spend your time.

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About Lara Galloway

Lara Galloway headshot 2013Lara Galloway is an author, speaker, business coach, and host of the popular Mom Biz Solutions Show podcast. Her passion is helping entrepreneurs create and run businesses that honor their priorities and values.

Her best-selling book, Moms Mean Business: A Guide to Creating a Successful Company and a Happy Life as a Mom Entrepreneur, offers inspiration, advice, and a healthy dose of how-to.

She is frequently interviewed for her expertise on work/life balance, starting and running a successful small business, marketing your business on social media, and creatively managing your time by media like NBC, CBS, Fox, Forbes, Crain’s Business, The Chicago Tribune, and More Magazine.

Her extensive online influence and unique approach to coaching business owners to success has won her the attention of national and international media, including Forbes.com, which named her one of “30 Women Entrepreneurs to Follow on Twitter,” and Hubspot, which called her one of the “100 Most Powerful Women on Twitter.”

When she’s not working, she’s wrangling her three kids with her husband, drinking good wine or micro-brewed beer, and baking something with lots of calories since food is her love language. She loves living in Michigan, especially when it’s 80 degrees and sunny.

Connect with her and find out more about her book, hiring her to speak at your next event, or engaging her as a coach at Lara Galloway or on Twitter.

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