The Wrap-up

So you’ve completed your webinar. You had good attendance, the subject was well received. Your slides were sharp and supported your talk in a way that left everyone excited about your topic.

Everyone has left the webinar room and returned to their regularly scheduled day.

Time to wrap it up!

Links –  More than likely, you mentioned some resources during your presentation. If you thought ahead, you had a slide dedicated to information and resources you talked about. Make sure to tell people they’ll be able to get these links or even be able to download the slides very soon. Perhaps on a special post on your blog or in a follow up email.

Special Offer – You’ve more than likely presented this webinar to conntect with customers or potential customers, so give them something worthwhile as a thank you. A special deal just for the people who signed up or attended.

Follow up –  Don’t forget them! You worked hard to find and cultivate these new leads. Don’t just leave them hanging. Keep in touch with your webinar attendee’s. Send out a survey asking what they liked and what they didn’t like. Connect with them about what they’d like more of in the future.

Mistakes will happen–   No matter how well you plan or how much effort you put into making the event the best one ever, you’re going to have some mistakes. Own up to them. Apologize for them and then move on. Learn from them so they don’t happen again.

‘Chelle Parmele
Social Media Marketing Manager
Palo Alto Software