Truemors_2 Guy Kawasaki, and his recently released website, is in the spotlight this week and not for the right reasons.

Guy has been very open about his start-up experience and this is giving the blogosphere and the rest of the press plenty of opportunity to criticize him. Today, Adario Strange over at Wired Epicenter, is criticizing Guy for not writing a business plan for

Chief among the revelations offered by Kawasaki is the fact that he never wrote a business plan. Shock! Actually it’s not shocking at all, it was pretty obvious from day one. And I’d wager that if an entrepreneur tried to get Kawasaki’s VC attention and revealed he didn’t have a business plan, Kawasaki would probably laugh the person out of his office. [Source] Epicenter – Kawasaki Admits: Truemors Has No Business Plan

In By the Numbers: How I built a Web 2.0, User-Generated Content, Citizen Journalism, Long-Tail, Social Media Site for $12,107.09 the 1st item in Guy’s itemized list of start-up expenses is “$0. I wrote 0 business plans for it. The plan is simple: Get a site launched in a few months, see if people like it, and sell ads and sponsorships (or not).”

I have news for Adario. has a business plan – it’s in Guy’s head. Guy launched without a written business plan – he should have been more specific. A spectacular business plan that more than a few venture capitalists would fund is bouncing around in Guy’s head. A business plan for a site like written by Guy Kawasaki would cost any other entrepreneur tens of thousands of dollars or an equity stake in the venture – Guy just happens to get it for free and in his head because he’s Guy.

Don’t Skip the Planning Process, Guy didn’t.

Cale Bruckner

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Cale Bruckner
Cale Bruckner

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