Should your small business use Twitter? Corey Perlman has the answer for you.

Yes…and no. Allow him to explain in his article, Should a Small Business Use Twitter?.

Corey Perlman, author of the #1 bestseller eBoot Camp: Proven Internet Marketing Techniques to Grow Your Business, is our newest contributing author. In his debut article with us Corey outlines a program to help small- and medium-sized businesses determine if Twitter is a good social media fit in their marketing programs.

Once you’ve completed the test program, evaluate how Twitter is working for you. Bottom line: is it worth your time? Just like with any other marketing strategy, you have to evaluate and be willing to abort mission if it’s not producing results. That might be the best time-saving decision you’ll ever make.

Corey Perlman is the President of eBoot Camp, Inc., an education company that provides people with the knowledge and skills to effectively market their business on the Web through interactive books, seminars and workshops. Since 2005, Corey has conducted over 200 eBoot Camp workshops and seminars to public audiences as well as small- and mid-size companies all over the United States using layman’s terms and learn-by-doing approach. Corey’s book, eBoot Camp: Proven Internet Marketing Techniques to Grow Your Business, hit #1 on the bestseller’s list in the marketing, retail and ecommerce categories.

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