I’ve been sucked into Twitter.

What’s a Twitter you ask? Twitter is a (semi)new kind of social medium called “micro blogging”  It allows you to send updates or “tweets” to a bunch of people who follow you on the platform. Each “tweet” is 140 characters and basically forces you to get to your point very quickly.

Unlike here, where you’re forced to read until I run out of letters on my keyboard.

The other day Nicole, our resident SEO specialist at Palo Alto Software, forwarded me a link to the first ever Twitter Business Plan Contest.

Russ Somers, the person behind the contest, told me he’d had around 200 people view the contest and five entrants. Anita Campbell from SmallBizTrends was one of the winners: “Monetize answering research questions for readers on a section of my website – ad supported – listing fees featured research”

I think it’s a fascinating meld of business and new social media tools and I’m looking forward to the next idea to come out of the new medium.

‘Chelle Parmele
Social Media Marketing Manager
Palo Alto Software