So I am relieved to say that Amazon did the right thing and proved to me that they do care about customer service. I was so upset with them yesterday, and vowed I would no longer be a loyal customer. Today not only is my item being delivered, but I have 3 emails from their customer service:

1. One email crediting me my shipping

2. One email apologizing profusely and offering to give me 10% more off, and also automatically return the item if it got here after I left

3. Another email making sure that customer service resolved my issue

This is a company that understands that treating their customers well is part of their marketing. I will remain a loyal customer and I will tell other people. Not only did they keep me loyal – they got me to market their service. I will be telling other people what happened, and how Amazon dealt with it so well. See… word of mouth marketing is easy if you give customers something to talk about! It’s good to know Jeff Bezos is still running a tight ship!

AvatarSabrina Parsons

Sabrina has served as CEO of Palo Alto Software since 2007.