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Tim Berry, the founder of Palo Alto Software and a personal friend, was just nominated as a Small Business Influencer in the Guru category on Everyone at Palo Alto Software would love to see him win. We’re hoping that you can help us out by voting for Tim Berry.

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Tim Berry, via Crunch Base

Can you take a quick break from reading this article and go vote for Tim Berry as a Small Business Influencer? You don’t have to register and they won’t ask for your email address. All you need to do is click the big yellow vote button.

If this is your first time on Up and Running (Welcome! We’re glad to see you), you might be wondering who Tim Berry is.

I first met Tim when I took his course on Business Planning and Entrepreneurship at the University of Oregon in 2008. Today, I’m a marketing manager for his company, Palo Alto Software. I’m working here because I believe in his passion and vision for business planning, business management, and entrepreneurship.

Tim is the expert on business planning. If you enjoy the articles, books, and essays he’s written, or if you’re a satisfied customer of Business Plan Pro, Sales and Marketing Pro, or, please take a second and vote for Tim berry as a Small Business Influencer in the Guru category on SmallBizTrends.

Thanks for reading. And thanks for voting.

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