We’re in an economic downturn; a slump in the economy; bad economic times and the list goes on.

Did you ever stop to think how this REALLY affects your business? I mean REALLY; not just believing all the naysayers but day to day what it means to your bottom line. My guess is nothing.  It doesn’t mean a thing. Let’s face it; we’re not Donald Trump wheeling and dealing with billions. We’re the local business next door servicing a few good clients and some so-so clients.

The media has made all the excuses we need to not succeed. If someone asks how things are going, you can say it could be better but you know how the economy is. It’s taking its toll on everyone. I call bull poop. It’s affecting large manufacturers; it’s affecting the stock market and it’s affecting my retirement fund but it is not negatively affecting my business or yours.

What is negatively affecting your business is getting caught up in all the negativity. How do you know this? The leads start to dry up. Is it because of the economy? No! It is because you stopped doing lead generation in your day to day routine.

So what are you afraid of?   don’t believe that you’re afraid there is not enough customers or enough business to go around. Think about it. How many customers do you really need to succeed this year? You don’t know! Well, that is the first thing you need to do. Figure it out. Not knowing is what is scaring the heck out of you. How can you possibly succeed if you don’t know what success looks like. Most small businesses only need a few customers; not thousands.  Some may need 10 good ones and others 100 or so. Either way, it’s not a huge number.

I think you’re afraid of making a commitment; of being accountable; of saying it out loud; maybe even afraid of success. You’ll find by knowing how many customers you need to succeed, you’ll know how many leads you need to generate and you’ll realize that it’s not that big a task and a lot less scary than the unknown.