I’ve been exchanging emails with my brother all morning about organization. He asked if I had some favorite online applications that I use to keep me organized. I pulled open my del.icio.us bookmarking account and realized I really had too many.

Now, I have to admit, I have moments of being a very organized person and moments of being completely helpless. My home office, for instance, should be declared a disaster area. But at work, I have lists and lists of lists to help keep me organized and moving all my projects forward. And that works for me.

I think one of the largest problems people face right now is what to use? There are so many “Get things done” applications out there, a person will eventually need a system just to keep track of their many systems. And really, that can’t be productive at all. If you have to enter an item on your to-do list on more than three applications, it’s possible your organization system isn’t working for you, but against you.

So the moral of the story, as I told my brother, is find one system that works with you and stick with it. For me, todoist and 30boxes are the two that I use both at work and home to keep my life on track.

Oh, and he says thanks for the suggestions but he’ll stay with jott for now and he’ll get back to me for more suggestions later. Oh brother. 😉

‘Chelle Parmele