I’m happy to bring to your attention a brand new article, Social Media Marketing: The Marketing Skills you can learn from Obama. The article on bplans.com is by one of our newest contributors, Maisha Walker.

Maisha is the Founder & President of message medium, a 10-year old New York City Internet Strategy firm that focuses exclusively on Small Businesses. You can follow Maisha on Twitter or learn about her upcoming website and Internet marketing classes.

She will be a regular contributor to Bplans.com and the Business in General blog over the next several months. And her first article on social media marketing is one not to be missed.

In the article, Maisha writes, “I was fascinated by the analysis of the Obama campaign. In many ways, Obama’s campaign and its success is a big, bright, “LCD sign” of the times. New media has come of age in a very public way.”

Enjoy! And welcome, Maisha!

‘Chelle Parmele
Palo Alto Software