Today we launched our long awaited new marketing planning software: Marketing Plan Pro powered by Duct Tape Marketing. We are so excited to make this product available to our customers, and to bring the expertise and sheer marketing genius of John Jantsch to our product line. While Marketing Plan Pro has been an award winning software for years and years, we now bring to the market a product that really captures the simplicity of marketing espoused by John and the Duct Tape Marketing system.

Now you really can get your marketing plan together in just 30 minutes. You can use our software and be guided through the process by John himself – just think of this product as John in a package! The great thing about combining our software with John’s methodology is that John has been able to put together a system that helps people:

1. Understand marketing
2. Apply it effectively and quickly to their business
3. Create a real action plan
4. Realistically follow the plan to grow their business

We are excited to put this product into the market, just as small business owners are looking to batten down the hatches in this tough economy. All businesses need to make sure that they are spending every penny wisely — and that they understand which marketing spends actually work. So if you find yourself looking at your revenue, and then comparing that to your expenses, and scratching your head and wondering where you SHOULD be spending money, and where you SHOULD be saving money, this is the product for you! Check it out and let us know what you think.

-Sabrina Parsons aka MommyCEO 


AvatarSabrina Parsons

Sabrina has served as CEO of Palo Alto Software since 2007.