I watched a TED video the other day on teaching children the importance of Entrepreneurship. While I agreed with the idea of this, I wasn’t all that impressed with the speaker – sad to say.

But the subject got me thinking of all the opportunities we have as mentors and parents and community members to encourage and teach entrepreneurship to kids. The value of planning, budgeting, marketing – all valuable lessons for later in life.

It reminded me, actually, of an article I read a while back about lemonade stands:

Running a stand is “one of the most educational experiences a child can have,” he said.

And more and more kids are not just profiting from the experience, but also learning the importance of giving back by donating a portion – or all – of their proceeds to charity.

Make learning fun by coupling it with making money or creating a better sense of giving back and community plus sitting outside with friends? Genius!

Read the full article on CNN.Money.com

‘Chelle Parmele
Social Media Marketing Manager