When trying to start a new business, the last thing you want is for a typo in your painstakingly crafted materials to stand between you and potential funding. One of the first and best investments you can make is hiring an editor to look over all of your materials before potential investors and other important people see them. It doesn’t matter if you consider yourself to be a good writer; even copywriters have someone else proof their work before it goes live or is published. Here are just a few reasons why you’ll be glad you did./12

A good editor will help you put your best foot forward

Fresh eyes will help you see things you missed
It can be difficult to see errors in your own writing because you’ve read it before. The human brain is incredibly efficient and will skim over old information as opposed to carefully digesting something new. Additionally, a new perspective can help you flesh out unclear areas in your materials. Just because a concept makes sense to you, doesn’t mean you’ve described it in a way that everyone will understand. An editor will give you notes on ideas that aren’t fully formed or don’t make sense at first glance. And the one thing you want, above all else, is to be perfectly clear.

Spellcheck is not a catchall
Sure, spellcheck will tell you when you’ve blatantly misspelled a word, but it won’t tell you when you’ve incorrectly used a word that does exist in the English language. For example, using the possessive form of its when you really wanted the contraction for it is, or typing the word and when you really meant an or land. These errors will stand out immediately and look extremely unprofessional. Don’t trust your computer to be a good writer for you.

In a pinch, be your own editor
When responding to time-sensitive questions about your business over email, always re-read what you’ve written before clicking “Send.” You’ll be surprised what simple, silly errors you find, such as leaving out entire words because you’re thinking so quickly. Seasoned copywriters will tell you they make mistakes daily in rapid-fire responses. If it’s not time-sensitive, always read over what you’ve written with fresh eyes a day or two later — you may be surprised by how many changes you want to make.

Put your best foot forward for investors and anyone else who will come into contact with your business materials. The small expense of hiring an editor now will be well worth the payout when your business finds backers thanks to your clear and professional materials.