Secure payment portalIf your business is taking payments online, the importance of a secure payment portal cannot be overstated. Customers are only going to purchase from a website they view as reliable and trustworthy, meaning it is absolutely essential that you present them with trustworthy options and secure payment choices.

There are a wide range of online payment systems which can be used to provide visitors to your website with secure and varied payment options, suited to their personal preferences.

Secure online payment options

Currency conversion

Services such as dynamic currency conversion can instantly convert prices in to the local currency of a user for your website. Whether it’s euros in Germany, dollars in America or lev in Bulgaria, potential customers are instantly aware of the exact cost of a product or service without the need to tediously work things out themselves.

Payment protection portals

A payment protection portal incorporates a range of features, helping to provide the maximum levels of security and fraud prevention, benefitting customers and businesses alike. In addition to creating additional payment options, a payment protection portal also provides guarantees to users that their money is safe when making a payment or a purchase through your website. This ensures that as many people as possible are inspired to shop at your online store, helping your business to grow and avoiding worries about your security levels.

Card processing security

Of course, card processing is one of the most common forms of online payment, and very few businesses can expect to be successful online without offering customers access to this form of online payment. Internet security has improved greatly in recent years, with security measures such as CVC (card verification codes) and additional bank verification helping to crack down on any potentially fraudulent activities.

While online card processing has become an extremely reliable method of payment, many users, particularly older customers, will still be hesitant about providing a website with their details. With this in mind, it is important to ensure that your business is doing everything possible to present a positive and secure image to prospective buyers. By clearly explaining to users the security measures in place and how they will keep their money and card details safe, you open yourself up to a significantly increased potential customer base.

Encouraging conversions

A secure payment portal is one of the most significant ways to encourage conversions and increase profits through your website. Additional techniques include ensuring that the branding of any payment pages matches those of the product pages, providing users with a holistic experience throughout their time on the site and once again adding to the trustworthy impression of your website.

A contact section and active social media presence can also be extremely beneficial, helping to provide solutions to any queries or issues a prospective buyer may have. By doing everything you can to provide customers with a secure payment portal and showing you truly care about the people giving you their money, your online business has the potential to be extremely successful and rewarding.

By taking the aforementioned steps and ensuring that your payment portal is as secure as possible, not only will profits and customer satisfaction increase, but you will be one step closer to making—rather than breaking—your business.

AvatarJustin Fraser

Justin joined SecureTrading as the Global Director of Sales and Marketing in 2012. He previously held senior roles in the payments and gambling sectors both as a vendor and client-side, including at First Data Merchant Solutions, Unibet PLC and Conister Trust.