Over 100 incoming emails a day.

Four customer service representatives.

One inbox and one workstation set up to receive all the messages.

How does a company with that set up and that volume of email make sure that every customer gets responded to quickly? And that everyone is clear who ‘owns’ each conversation, from the initial contact through resolution? How do you make musical chairs an efficient part of your customer service workflow?

Those are questions Taran Lent, vice president and founder of CardSmith, had to address. A campus ID card payment solutions company, CardSmith serves educational institutions, campus service providers, as well as cardholders and closed loop communities nationwide. Card holders don’t need to have cash to get goods or services on campus, and campuses don’t have the hassle or expense of creating their own proprietary card systems. CardSmith is the market’s only software as a service provider.

“The biggest challenge for us,” says Lent about his email situation,  was “not having a multi-user system and keeping track of which agent ‘owned’ a particular message.”

The solution was Email Center Pro. Students are their primary demographic, says Lent, and they prefer contacting customer service through email. “Using Email Center Pro helps make us relevant and responsive to this need,” he says.

“Email Center Pro is great.  It was a snap to implement and to get up and running,” he says. “Now we can have multiple agents managing inbound service requests, and we have very clear tracking and reporting regarding our performance and resolution of cases.” Of all the features that make Email Center Pro so valuable to his organization, Lent says “the multi-user and assign features are our favorites.”

According to Lent, the benefits of Email Center are many. “It’s hosted, easy to use, and affordable. If you take your email care operations seriously, and need a single solution to support many mail boxes with multi-agent access and tracking, then Email Center Pro is what you need.”