A recent article in Entrepreneur seems to make the case that you can get your business online without a website, and do it successfully, by focusing on social media (Twitter, Facebook), single landing pages for special offers, or customizing a blog template.

Umm, guys? I have news for you.

A blog can BE a website—you’ve heard of Seth Godin, right?

And, a landing page? Most business websites should focus on a call to action (mention “jujubes” and get 20% off your latte today!); using an ever-evolving landing page as the website is not only possible, but a great idea.

According to the article, Kirsten Mangers of WebVisible is comparing these types of online presence to “having to maintain a 20-, 30- or 40-page website.”

Well, yes, maintaining a single page is easier than designing, hosting, and maintaining 40 pages. But I never read the rule that says a website has to be large. Or even that it’s necessarily got more than one page, or static content. A website is, in the briefest of terms, a collection of digital assets (Web pages, videos, online apps, whatever) that are addressed relative to a common URL. That’s it. And for many businesses, that’s all they need.

Don’t let the idea of “A WEBSITE!” loom larger than it should. Your website is just your company’s online presence. It can be as simple or as complex as you want. Don’t believe me? Check out One Page Love, a gallery of the best single-page websites.

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