Bringing you the latest news on small business and more—this week it’s minimum wage, lion hunters, and the (supposedly) 10 billion dollar man. 

Uncertainty, there and here

The Greek debt crisis has brought uncertainty not only to Europe, but to American importers as well.

Shutdowns, short and long

Last Thursday, the SBA’s flagship 7a loan program hit its cap. Fortunately, Congress acted fast to raise the cap on Monday to $23.5 billion, enabling the program to reopen.

Congressional opposition shut down the Export-Import Bank earlier this year. The Bank’s supporters argue that the shutdown has been disproportionally hurting small businesses.

Lions, and tigers, and Yelp critics

Protesters have gone after Walter Palmer’s dental practice both on-site and online amidst public outrage after he killed Cecil the lion in a wildlife reserve.

What’s in a name?

Donald Trump’s wealth was called into question after he bragged about his $10 billion net worth. Bloomberg estimated that he exaggerated quite a bit; discrepancies include Trump’s name, which he values at $3 billion.

Rising tides

Recent polls have found that most small businesses owners support raising the minimum wage, even in the retail and restaurant industries.

Big ideas

The House Ways and Means Committee is working on legislation to lower taxes on Intellectual Property.

Advice from the headlines:

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