Bringing you the latest news on small business and more—this week we’ve got trouble at Amazon, more paid leave for workers, and the benefits of using cloud-based software.  

The workplace under scrutiny

A New York Times story on Amazon’s workplace practices prompted widespread discussion about employee practices across the country.

On the other side, big companies such as Adobe, Gap, and General Electric are reevaluating the performance review, putting less pressure on workers and putting more on their bosses.

Meanwhile, Obama’s push to extend paid leave to more workers is gaining traction in city governments across the U.S.

Trump and business

Gene Marks explains why Donald Trump is so popular among small business owners.

Growing pains

As the legal marijuana business grows in certain states, companies are struggling to work out the relationship between unions and dispensaries.

Growth and cloud software 

A recent study by Georgetown University showed that 2.9 million of the jobs created since 2010 have been high-paying positions.

Another study found that switching to cloud software can substantially boost the bottom line for small businesses.

Shady brokers

Are shady loan brokers ripping off small businesses? Brayden McCarthy, a former Senior Economic Policy Advisor to the White House, says it’s time to rein in loan brokers.

Advice from the headlines

  • Drew Robb at Small Business Computing explains what the “Internet of Things” means for small businesses.
  • Your logo is one of the most prominent ways people see your business. Getting a great logo fit doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive, however, especially with modern-day crowdfunding sites.

What small business news did you read this week that surprised or interested you? Share your favorite story with us in the comments!

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