Bringing you the latest news on small business and more—this week we’re covering 3D printing, millennials at work, and what you need to know about Black Monday. 

Black Monday

This past week was one of the bumpiest in stock market history:

Oil prices took an especially large hit this week, and have barely recovered from a six-year low on Monday.

Can a market correction be good for your business? Gene Marks has a few reasons to look on the bright side.

Holy merchandise

Pope Francis’s upcoming visit to the U.S. has sparked a surge in Papal merchandising.

Tech update

From a business perspective, so far 3D printing has failed to live up to the hype.

Best Buy has been seeing the financial benefits of their growing relationship with Apple.

Young workers

A newly-released study on workers in their 20s had some interesting findings on what motivates millennials.

Advice from the headlines

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