The No-Nonsense Guide to Negotiation

by Devon Smiley

In my experience, the mere mention of “negotiation” brings about one of two reactions in people. Some grin with glee, excited to leap into discussions and meet their competitor on the battlefield. Others grimace with anxiety, shaking their head as if to say “No. Not me. Please—not me.” No matter which camp you’re in, the... Read more »

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How to Find a Business Partner

by Briana Morgaine

Entrepreneurs have a reputation for trying to do it all singlehandedly. In the early days of starting your business, you may feel like you’re wearing several hats—too many, in fact. For this reason, you might consider working with a business partner. Not only does having a business partner distribute some of the work, it gives... Read more »

Cameron Hates Our YouTube Ad

Episode 6: Cameron Hates Our YouTube Ad | The Bcast

by Jonathan Michael

This week, we talk to Cameron about our LivePlan YouTube ad. Who is Cameron? Well, he hates our YouTube ad. We also chat with our eCommerce expert, John Procopio, about what to do when you get negative customer feedback. Listen to Episode 6: Show notes: The Backstory (with John Procopio) – (:37) Watch our LivePlan YouTube... Read more »

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4 Steps to Making Your Next Great Idea a Reality

by Katrina Otuonye

Congratulations! You have a great idea. You and this idea, you’ve got plans. It started with a tiny nugget you were bouncing around, and it grew up in a marketing meeting. You brainstormed, you took this little idea and ran it up the flagpole, you sent it through the pipeline, passed it to the higher-ups.... Read more »

This guy? Great credit score.

6 Steps to Building a Rock Star Credit Score

by Meredith Wood

  If you’ve ever applied for a mortgage, bought a car, or even rented an apartment, you’ve likely experienced firsthand how much power your credit score can have over your everyday life. But, did you know that your personal credit score is also just as important in the business loan process? A great credit score... Read more »

Is it time for Plan B?

Should You Stick to the Plan or Change It?

by Tim Berry

The monthly review meeting is absolutely essential to real business planning. The real value of business planning is the decisions it causes, and the management that results; and for that you need not just a plan but a regular monthly review to track results and revise as necessary. And the toughest part of the review... Read more »


Maternova and the Business of Saving Lives: A Secret to Success Story

by Angelique O'Rourke

Maternal health is a concern the world over, especially in developing nations. Childbirth can be a precarious process; for some women and their infants it can be life-threatening. According to the World Health Organization, 800 women die every day during childbirth, with 99 percent of those deaths taking place in the developing world. There are medical... Read more »

Try not to make this face.

How to Respond When You Don’t Know the Answer to an Investor’s Question

by Sabrina Parsons

I’m often asked by entrepreneurs how to best present to investors, and how to deal with all of their questions. A big fear that most people have before they pitch to an investor is about getting a question they don’t have the answer to. They want to know how to deal with being unprepared in... Read more »

Alex Blumberg at Internet Week in New York. Photo Credit: Insider Images/Andrew Kelly

Episode 5: Alex Blumberg, Business Credit, and Cloud-Based Subscription Services

by Jonathan Michael

This week, we hear from Alex Blumberg from Gimlet Media and the Startup Podcast in our new Bcast Bytes segment. Peter and Jonathan talked to Levi King from Creditera about why your business credit matters, and we share a few of our favorite subscription services. Only have time for a Bcast Byte? Here’s our first one... Read more »


5 Ways Small Business Owners Can Save on Healthcare Finances

by Jeff Smedsrud

Personal and financial freedoms are two selling points that may have convinced you to become a small business owner. Each day you have the freedom to work as hard as you want to grow your company. You don’t have to answer to anyone but yourself about day-to-day decisions. However, with that freedom comes obligation to... Read more »


How to Use Your Business Plan to Track Your Progress and Exceed Your Goals

by Tim Berry

My favorite quote on business planning is when former president Dwight D. Eisenhower said: “The plan is useless; but planning is essential.” What I’ve always taken from that is the importance of keeping a plan live; reviewing it, and revising it. The core concept of my work on lean business planning is that cycle: plan-run-review-revise. One... Read more »


13 Ways to Maintain a Strong Company Culture as You Grow

by Scott Gerber

Half the fun of starting your own business was creating your ideal work culture. But as you grow and scale, this can be hard to maintain. So how do you make sure your awesome culture grows with your company? To find out, we asked 13 successful founders from the YEC how they managed to do so with... Read more »

Sometimes, you need help finding your way.

How to Find a Mentor

by Briana Morgaine

Some of the most common advice for new entrepreneurs is to “find a mentor.” It’s understandable—after all, it’s good advice; having a mentor relationship is often a dream come true. A mentor is a teacher, a trusted advisor that a budding entrepreneur can turn to with questions and get valuable advice, tailored directly to their... Read more »

Billboards: definitely offline.

10 Effective Offline Marketing Ideas for Startups in 2015

by James Javier

Most of us believe that these days, digital marketing is the only way to get results. While this may be true for a specific target market, some of the best marketing ideas happen offline. The best marketing strategies are those that combine both online and offline ideas seamlessly, in one complete package. If you haven’t... Read more »

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Free Webinar: How to Build Your Brand

by Jonathan Michael

Do you want to learn how you can get big brand value on a small business budget? What can you do to increase customer loyalty, and get the recognition your business needs? Discover what a brand is, why it matters, and how easy it is to create one for your business. If you completed our Big... Read more »


5 Ways to Re-launch Your Business

by Elicia Putnam

  Your business is doing okay—but it’s not the raving success you were hoping for. There’s no time like the present to look at new ways to bring it back to life. Below are some tips to help re-ignite your business, and your own enthusiasm. Try the Zappos way Zappos infuses customer service into everything... Read more »

Jeff Goins author of The Art of Work

The Art of Work with Jeff Goins [VIDEO]

by Jonathan Michael

Last week we had the pleasure of inviting bestselling author and speaker, Jeff Goins, to join us for a webinar. Jeff gave an inspiring presentation based on his new book, The Art of Work. During the webinar, Jeff highlighted the results of his many hours of reading, and personal interviews with some of the world’s... Read more »

Bcast, the Bplans Podcast

Episode 4: Signs You Need a Manager, Online Tools for Startups, and Our TV and Podcast Top Picks

by Jonathan Michael

Tune in weekly for a fun and informative discussion that will help you grow your business. Every week, we bring in business experts to discuss the latest trends in marketing, sales, and entrepreneurship. Skip the stuffy MBA classroom and get information and advice that will actually help you grow your business today—and have some fun... Read more »


Jed Darland Cultivates Depth of Scope: A Secret to Success Story

by Kathryn Liebowitz

When it comes to design, Jed Darland has the sensibility of an artist, and the ingenuity of an inventor. When it comes to business, he’s an opportunist in the best sense of the word. Jed knows how to seize the moment, turn downtime into a new venture, and that venture into a successful business. His... Read more »

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Prepare for Liftoff: Day 5 of the Big Brand Challenge

by Sara Conte

Welcome to Day 5 of the Big Brand Challenge—the last day! On Day 1 and 2 of the challenge, you laid the foundation for your brand. On Day 1 we defined who we are, on Day 2 we defined what we looked like, on Day 3 we created (or updated) your logo, and on Day 4 we outlined those... Read more »