Starting a Business Checklist Bplans

Business Startup Checklist

by Candice Landau

Starting your own business may sound like an epic undertaking—but the truth is, it’s not. This checklist covers everything you need to start your business today. Read more »


How to Define Your Target Market

by Tim Berry

What’s my target market? What should it be? How would I know? Here’s a list of five things that will help you figure it out. Read more »


From Food Cart to Award-Winning Restaurant: A Secret to Success Story

by Anthony St. Clair

One entrepreneurial couple's story of going from food cart owners to opening an award-winning brewery. Want to open a restaurant or a food cart? Read on. Read more »


How One Creative Freelancer Like You Almost Didn’t Get Paid

by Ann Rea

Have you poured time and resources into a creative project and not been paid? Are you worried it could happen? If you're a freelancer, this is a must-read. Read more »


Your Small Business News Roundup 8.28.15

by Michael X. Heiligenstein

Bringing you the latest news on small business and more—this week we’re covering 3D printing, millennials at work, and what you need to know about Black Monday. Read more »


How to Keep Discounts from Killing Your Business [PART 3]

by Leah Hamilton

In this article, we'll take a look at what anti-spam legislation applies to your small business, so that you can market without spamming. We'll go into detail on the various anti-spam legislation that exists, so that you can make sure your business is complying with regulations. Read more »


A Simple Recipe for Startup Marketing Strategy

by Tim Berry

Marketing for your startup will be a bit different than marketing for an existing business. How can you market your startup more effectively? An effective startup marketing strategy starts with sharp target market focus, then adds in specific identity and business offering, plus regular learning. Read more »

Screen Shot 2015-08-26 at 2.26.53 PM

How to Build a Brand in 5 Days

by Candice Landau

You've validated your business idea, you've done your market research, and hopefully you've registered your business name. Now it's time for a bit of fun. It's time to build your brand! Read more »


Start Here If You’ve Never Searched for a Loan Online

by Meredith Wood

If you’ve never searched for a loan online, you probably have no idea where to start. What should you consider? What do you information do you need in order to apply? What questions can you ask yourself to prepare? Read more »

Screen Shot 2015-08-25 at 10.48.13 AM

How to Apply for a Federal Tax ID Number

by Angelique O'Rourke

If you're starting a business, you're going to need a federal tax ID number (EIN). The application is easy and free. Here's how to do it. Read more »


Your Small Business News Roundup 8.21.15

by Michael X. Heiligenstein

Bringing you the latest news on small business and more—this week we’ve got trouble at Amazon, more paid leave for workers, and the benefits of using cloud-based software. Read more »


Cash Flow 101: Growing Your Business

by Anna Eschenburg

Now that you’ve solved your cash flow problems, it’s time to figure out how exactly you want to approach growing your business. Read more »


3 Questions to Help Build Your Business Strategy

by Dave Wakeman

If you're serious about becoming an entrepreneur, you need a business strategy that will help you understand the value you bring to the market. To get the ball rolling, ask yourself these three important questions. Read more »


Are You Marketing, or Spamming?

by Margarita Hakobyan

Are you marketing or spamming? From the inside, it can be hard to tell if your marketing is spammy or responsible. Here's how to do a quick check. Read more »


How to Keep Discounts from Killing Your Business [Part 2]

by Leah Hamilton

You'll be collecting customer info on and offline—and there are legal and privacy issues that you should consider so that you can protect your business. Read more »

Why entrepreneursshouldgotobusinessschool

Should Entrepreneurs Attend Business School?

by Ashrit Kamireddi

Should entrepreneurs attend business school? One MBA describes the benefits and why he'd do it again. Read more »


Your Small Business News Roundup 8.14.15

by Michael X. Heiligenstein

Bringing you the latest news on small business and more—this week we’ve got low oil prices, startups in the shipping and freight industries and a possible $15 an hour minimum wage. Read more »


How to Keep Discounts from Killing Your Business [Part 1]

by Leah Hamilton

Advertising sales and discounts is a great way to win customers. Here's how to make sure you're protected under the law while you do it. Read more »


How to Pitch, Plan, and Track Your Business with LivePlan [VIDEO]

by Jonathan Michael

Sabrina Parsons, CEO of Palo Alto Software, explains how LivePlan can help you pitch, plan, and track your business. Read more »


12 Tips for a Wildly Productive Home Office

by Ashley Coolman

Use these tips and tools to stay productive at home in the face of adversity (like the mid-morning nap that keeps calling your name). Read more »