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Candice is the Managing Editor of Bplans. With a background in writing and digital marketing and an interest in technology, business, creativity and just about everything else, she aims to find the best answers to your questions. Follow Candice on Google+.

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New Study Reveals Business Owners Investing in Technology in 2015

“Where Main Street Meets Technology” – a study In January 2015, Palo Alto Software surveyed approximately 500 small business owners and entrepreneurs from across 18 different industries. The “Where Main Street Meets Technology” study found that 81% of small businesses plan to invest in technology this year and that 48% of those surveyed said that... Read more »


How to Use Patreon to Start a Business from Home

Simply put, Patreon is an ongoing Kickstarter campaign with one key difference: rather than getting paid once off, per project, artists or creators are paid by their patrons (you, me, or whoever signs up as a patron) to continue creating on an ongoing basis. Read more »


Can’t Decide What Business to Start? No Problem, We’ll Tell You

Every month over 1 million people visit Bplans. Most of those people are at the very early stages of starting a business and as such, are looking to see what others have done. Some have already decided and are in the process of writing a business plan. They’re asking questions: What should a tutoring agency... Read more »


The 7 Key Metrics Every Business Owner Should Monitor

Did you know that 28% of businesses fail due to problems with the financial structure of the company? This includes keeping poor accounting records. If you don’t understand your key financial metrics, you have no way of monitoring your business’s health—and you risk mingling assets, incurring penalties for filing taxes late, overlooking expenses, and running... Read more »


The Best Free Apps and Online Tools for Entrepreneurs and Obsessive Collectors

As we head toward the new year, you’re likely thinking about setting goals and getting things organized. To help you prep, I’ve collated a list of tools—for both web and mobile devices—that have helped me and others get things done, save time, and work more productively. I should preface this list by saying that I... Read more »


Books to Empower Women (That Men Should Read Too)

In celebration of Women’s Entrepreneurship Day, we’re giving away 3 copies of ‘Fail Better: Design Smart Mistakes and Succeed Sooner’ by Anjali Sastry and Kara Penn. If you’d like to enter the competition, skip to the end of the post. Not too long ago I compiled a list of 10 business books that every savvy... Read more »


Planning for the Future: Your Exit Strategy

Have you ever dreamed of building a company so successful that after only a few years you were able to sell it to a bigger company? Then, you could take your earnings and relax, travel, work on passion projects, or get right back into the swing of things with a completely new venture. What you’re dreaming... Read more »


How to Handle and Avoid Negative Publicity

We’ve all heard of at least one social media disaster story—whether that’s the NRA posting a pro-gun tweet right after the shooting in Aurora, Colorado, or Gap’s somewhat insensitive tweet encouraging those caught up in Hurricane Sandy to do some online shopping—and the reality is, these social media disasters happen. Sometimes they’re honest mistakes, other... Read more »


How to Do Your Own PR If You Can’t Afford to Hire an Agency

Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur or veteran SMB owner, chances are you’re aiming to better publicize your message to a given target audience. Whether it’s customers, prospects, or partners, there is a target group you want to engage. But maybe you’re not ready to hire an expensive creative agency—maybe it’s not in your budget or... Read more »


Midterm Election Issues Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners Should Keep an Eye on

While the 2016 presidential elections will define some of the key areas in which small businesses will see the biggest impact, today’s midterm elections go part way to setting the stage for compromise. You’ll want to keep your eye on the outcome as it may have an impact on the business decisions you make in... Read more »


The Complete Guide to SBA Loans

What is an SBA loan? The U.S. Small Business Administration was created in 1953 to help Americans start, build, and grow their businesses. As an independent agency of the government, the SBA partners with both public and private organizations to deliver its services, including loans. An SBA Loan is not a direct loan from the... Read more »


One Big Small Business Mistake: Not Giving Employees Business Cards

I once worked for someone who wouldn’t print business cards for employees, not even on a case-by-case basis. The reason—I was told—was that no one did it anymore. Everyone used LinkedIn. The thing is, this employer still had their own business card and still regularly handed it out when meeting potential clients. Clearly, they didn’t... Read more »


10 Business Books Every Savvy Entrepreneur Should Read [+ GIVEAWAY]

Below we’ve compiled a list of books that you’ll find particularly helpful if you’re starting a business. That said, even if you’re already in business or not planning to get into business anytime soon, these are all excellent reads that will teach you how to do things better, faster, and more efficiently, and they’ve all... Read more »


How to Start a Business in a Month—#30DayChallenge

To my mind, it’s fear of the unknown that holds most of us back and not the thought of whether we’re competent enough or intelligent enough or whatever else we feel is needed to run a business. Learning to run a business will happen over time and with practice. Read more »


Want to Grow? Know Your Numbers. Track Your Metrics.

The content of this article is based upon an interview conducted on October 2014 with Sabrina Parsons, CEO of Palo Alto Software. For many small business owners—especially those who have turned a passion or hobby into a business—tracking metrics and numbers is a chore. If you’re not an accountant and you don’t have a background in... Read more »


The Entrepreneur’s Accounting Cheat Sheet

According to a study undertaken by the Small Business Administration, 28 percent of companies go bankrupt due to problems with the financial structure of the company. Many of these problems could be avoided by following good accounting practices. Keeping a record of your financial details IS important to the livelihood of your business. Not only will the correct... Read more »


How to Come up with Hundreds of Business Ideas

For some people, coming up with ideas is as easy as spotting chewing gum on the sidewalk. For others, it’s nearly impossible. For me, new idea generation isn’t just easy, it’s something I’m doing all the time and often without trying. I do not believe this is an innate ability, but rather a “skill” that... Read more »


What a Famous Comic Artist Can Teach You about Starting & Running a Business

I have always believed that if I want to learn something, I need to DO something. I need to take action. This is how I learned to cycle, how I learned to solder metal jewelry and how I learned to write fiction. That said, I find equal value in first reading about and learning as... Read more »


Do You Have What It Takes to Provide Stand-out Customer Service?

Almost all businesses have a customer-facing aspect to them. Restaurants have waiters and cashiers. Boutiques have shop assistants. Software companies have project managers, sales people, and sometimes whole customer service departments. Even B2B companies need a point-of-contact to provide solutions. Often, these employees will mean the difference between a company that is perceived in a... Read more »


How to Get Funding from Billionaire Investor Mark Cuban, and Other Stories

Let’s be honest, when it comes to funding, it’s never as straightforward as business advisors, lenders, backers, and investors might have you think. And, if you’re a small business, it’s unlikely you can afford to pay someone to do all the legal research and nit-picky stuff that the big boys can. You have to get... Read more »