Dave Thomas

With 23 years’ writing experience, Dave Thomas covers business topics for a variety of websites, including payroll service providers and Reputation.com.

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Did You Pay to Invest Your Time in the Right Payroll Provider?

You run a business and wear many different hats, one of which is making sure that those you employ are both productive and satisfied with their jobs. So, imagine the feeling in the pit of your stomach when you come to realize that the payroll provider you hired to make sure all your workers are... Read more »


Get Your Customers Moving With More Mobility

A small business provider is always searching for that next move that will keep them one step ahead of the competition. Be it better customer service, products that are second to none or the ability to communicate with the buying world better than anyone else, small business owners will always want that edge. One such... Read more »


Has Your Small Business Traveled the GPS Route?

As more small businesses look for ways to reduce expenses, one means by which to do just that has gotten more attention in recent years. By installing GPS technology on company vehicles, employers not only have better oversight over their employees, but they can also reduce expenses when it comes to gas prices, wear and... Read more »


How Well are you Protecting Your Small Business?

Your small business can be left in quite a quandary should it be the victim of a theft. Whether it’s an inside job or not, you lose financially and your company’s reputation suffers. Here are three different scenarios that your small business could be facing: 1. A disgruntled employee is either written up or terminated.... Read more »


Does Your Company Meet Just to Meet?

All companies have their own way of going about meetings. In some cases, businesses have the employees in their different departments meet on a regular basis in order to make sure everything is in order, people are handling their individual responsibilities, and any and all questions can be asked and hopefully answered. In other instances,... Read more »


Where Are Your Employees Best Suited?

In the ‘old days’ of the business world, most employees (minus those with delivery jobs, jobs involving travel, public protection, etc.) came to an office and spent the better part of their day or night working out of that building. While that still holds true today in many circles, it is also a fact that... Read more »


Is Pinterest Part of Your Business Game Plan?

It seems that every few months the social media world is taken by storm with a new site. Replacing Google+ on the minds of most social media folks, Pinterest, a startup last year, has exploded in recent months to be the latest social networking rage. If you have not heard of this social site, well,... Read more »


Are You LinkedIn for the Sake of Your Business?

If you and your business have been hesitant to invest the time and effort into a LinkedIn account, what are you waiting for? With some 120 million users, LinkedIn is still by far the choice of business professionals. Yet, many business pros, and their companies for that matter, have been late to the party when... Read more »


Is My Company’s Web Site Guarded Against Hackers?

In 2011 it was Sony, Epsilon, and U.S. government sites among those who had fallen victim to computer hackers. With the New Year under way, word comes from Israeli officials that the country’s stock exchange and its national airline had their Web sites paralyzed on Jan. 16 by a Middle East hacker network. While officials... Read more »


Do You Really Require a New Business Plan Going Into 2012?

According to information from the Office of Advocacy, just two years ago, there were approximately 27.5 million businesses nationwide. Whether you are a new small business about to unveil itself, or a business that has been around for some time, you will often be asked about your business plan. Simply put, the business plan involves the business... Read more »