Big dreams but no money to fund your business? 48

There are many would-be entrepreneurs out there with great ideas but no money to invest in their venture.

In the last 14 years I have had so many people say there are grants out there to help finance a business. And I have so many more ask me where that grant-financing money is at. In all that time I have never found a grant that finances the start-up of a business.

There are federal training programs that subsidize part of the wages for a new, qualified employee who is provided on-the-job training and works permanently full time for your company. There are also federal tax incentives to provide the same employment and training conditions for new hires. But I do not know of programs designed to provide investment capital for the start-up and operation of the enterprise.

If you simply do not have sufficient collateral, good credit and/or cash to finance the start-up of your venture, you need to begin looking for a partner or partners who have the finances, desire to participate in this type of start-up and need the skills and ideas you possess to make the business work.

The only alternative that I can think of is to seek refinancing or a home improvement loan (second lien) on your home, if you own it. If you are determined, it is likely the partnership alternative may be the best way to go. Otherwise, you may need an “angel” investor.

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  • Juan Renteria

    I have an Idea to start up a solar panel cleaning and maintainence service. This service I want to offer is a system that integrates with a solar (array) and automatically washes your panels with sprayers at the same time applying a protective solution to them. I have a growing list of about 200 customers with no such system.I would like to find an “angel” investor to help me start this small business. This idea has the potential to blow up and maybe even the chance to partner up with solar system installers. Can you please help me !

  • parson

    hi,I have read your business idea. control the general information.our company is an international investment group which focus on the high technology area, maybe you can email to me and give me much more information about your idea.thanks, parson.

  • Jan Breet

    I am a qualified electrician with more than 20 years experience! I design a solar system that can save you up to 80% of your electical bill every month! If you using a gas stove it will be 100%! The cost is less than $200! I need a “angel” partner! I am from South Africa! My cell nr is +27 760363405 and my email is! If you are intrested please contact me!

  • michael carroll sr

    My name is Michael Carroll SR I have 20 years exp. cooking restaurants managing exp. 4 1/2 years in the Army looking for Angel help to start a restaurant thank you in advance

  • Les Wilson

    I’m presently in the life insurance game for seniors/medicare clients. The majority of them being boomers, I expect that I may interest some of them in backing my all in one facility. It’s a 2 level comedy cafe with the entertainment on the main level and the lower level would be for physical entertainment like dancing and a game room to work the mental and physical body parts. On top side, I envision a bar, stage and a bistro style cafe supporting good organic foods. The stage is for comedy and live music groups. Put all this together and every square foot offers an activity that works for the live-longer boomers and the health conscious of all ages. Parents and their children are sharing more time together because they are moving back home again. So, why shouldn’t they have a place away from home to share a good time besides sitting at a big table and eating monsterous meals with no place to work it off. Laughing, dancing and playing competitve games while listening to smooth musical sounds is good excercise and what the doctor ordered.

  • Nadeem Siddique

    My name is M.Nadeem Siddique from India. We are 2 friends starting coconut food processing plant. Since raw materials is easily available in this region & the end product coconut milk powder and coconut milk tin/tetra pack is highly in demand in Middle East, Egypt, China, USA Canada, African Countries, India & Pakistan, we will not have problem marketing the product,hence the cost of marketing the product reduces. We do have experienced professionals for different operations of this business and very good marketing network in GCC, India & China.
    We dont want to approach any bank or any financial institution as it charges interest which we are not comfortable with, as this goes against our religion. We need a business loan of approximately USD 800,000 for coconut milk powder plant. We dont have have huge asset for security so if you need any you can have the machinery or the land which cost approx the above said figure as security. If any philantropist wants to give us business loan they are welcome
    Since this is extremely lucrative business opportunity if any individual or any venture capitalist or organisation wants to partner us for profit sharing we are very open to this concept and would welcome them as business partner or as distributor or consulting partner.
    This will be halal business and any practice/policies which are forbidden in Islam will not practice in our firm.
    For details mail me joygroupinc(AT)ymail(DOT)com or call me @ 0091-9945617955

    Inshaallah we will be successful working togather

    If in case you have group who can fund us please let us know, As this project will employ 150 – 400 unemployed directly in India

    Thanks & Regards Allah Hafiz

    Mohammed Nadeem Siddique
    Mob 91-9945617955
    Joy Group Inc
    Madeena Colony Tanzeem stop
    Bhatkal 581320 Karnataka

  • T. Ross

    Hello, I recently worked for Chrysler LLC for 8 years as a manager and I’m looking to purchase two very profitable restaurants from a family friend relocating to Texas. I have all financial data to prove the businesses are profitable. I’m looking for an angel investor willing to assist with $200,0000USD. The business makes over $400k annually.

    Thank you for your consideration
    (313) 585-4064

  • jess ledesma

    great concept 168 old building seeking 800,000 in investor have worked with many fine chefs,hotels of the world.

  • Luqman Legodi

    I am have started a trading solutions company which exist of three share holders. It basically specialises in the following: Consulting, Mining, transportation, Production, Financial services, Marketing and IT solutions. It is based in South Africa. Any investors are welcomed on board. The company has Intellectual capital so far. If interested we can draw up an exit strategy whereby you dont have to lose even a black cent. If all goes well then you will be considering yourself a multi millionare in a short period of space. No chancers Please.

  • dr suprith

    hello, i am associate professor in one of the dental school in . i want to start a on line video teaching for +2 students .for there competitive exams in india. i have financial data and confidence to say this business is profitable, iam looking for a angel investor, willing to invest up to $ 100 k to begin this business
    thank you
    dr suprith

  • D. Spencer

    Hello, I am looking for and “ANGEL” to help finance an Exotic Dance Club in my area. I have substancial collateral, since I own the building on which the business will exsist (no mortgage). My credit is not terrible, but not good either. I would need about $120,000.00 for renovation, equiptment, licensing, and inventory(pool table, gaming, alcohol, etc…). If you know of anyone and/or are interested, please contact me …. a.s.a.p……Thank You
    clubdesire1 @

  • Evalia Johnston

    I have 16years experience working in the Greenhouse and plant business.My old place of business closed.The owner died and new owners took over. They did not know how to run a nursery.They made it for 3 years running the nursery into the ground.It closed last fall never to reopen. I want to reopen another nursery at this location.All buildings and most of the equipment are still there.The only supplies would be plants and plant potting items.Also some lawn and garden supplies. Iknow of some of the old Warren and Son employees that have experience and knowledge that would work for me.I can grow just about anything you put in front of me. I have seen many of the old customersand truely believe this nursery could work again.Lots of people are staying home tending thier yards and flower beds.I`m looking for an angel to help with capital to purchase the property.Someone willing to invest in an enviromental business.The most I need is $300,000.00 to$400,000.00.There are no nurserys close for my former customers to buy at.This CAN work! Please contact me soon. Evalia Johnston.
    My e-mail is dragontears85 @ Evalia Johnston

  • Craig Smithers

    Good Morning.

    I have spent the good part of a year researching the viability of a fine wine merchant in the Netherlands specialising in South Africa and French wines. The Dutch market is one of the most emerging wine markets in the Netherlands with a large demand on fine wines from South Africa and France.

    I have developed an interactive concept whereby customers can taste wine in the store before they buy, at the own pace. This is done by installing advanced Enomatic wine dispensing units whereby the customer uses a tasting card that works on the same basis as a bank card. When the customer purchases a sample of wine, the value is deducted from the overall balance on the card.

    This will be the very first store in the Netherlands to offer customers this opportunity. I have up to this point aquired all machinery, software and systems in order to make this possible. However, I require capital injection to the value of 70 000 Euros to make it possible. The expansion potential is enormous with the possiblity of entering the German, Danish, Belgian and Swedish markets.

    Anyone interested in participating in this venture is free to contact me.

  • Annie Valline

    I am looking for money to start a DIY business helping the lower income families improve their home interiors on very tight budgets. I have done many homes. One I just finished only cost 200.00 for my customer. This was a trashed double wide trailer. I frequent our towns thrift stores, garage sales, ads in the paper, ebay and other online services to obtain the customers items needed. For instance, Rustic Design= tree branch curtain rods, ribbon sewn to the curtain fabric, usually done for 2.00 a window. I would like to build a playhouse on my patio, 10×10 with access to the alley. I would use this as my office, and to do my designs and store the items I have created. I need about 6,000 dollars to start. Business permit, computer, have wiring and insulation put in etc. My goal is to help low income families turn a plain house into their home. I only charge 10.00 hour so they can afford me. Anyone interested in helping me find the money or the playhouse please email me. Thanks, Annie

  • Ben

    I am a young entrepreneur and not very long ago opened a software firm that does development of software, customization of software to suite client needs and I have also been in the look out for an angel investor to support in the financing of a number of projects we have in the pipeline. Currently developing solutions that are suited for the masses. Mobile tech, Agribased solutions for farmers, etc. Thanks the forum is helpful. If anybody feels interested you can always mail me.

  • Lakisha

    Hello, I want to open up a small shoe store. I design shoes that are very stylish and up to date. Most of my shoes have not been seen any were else. I just need some help getting started. Thanks


    Take advantage of your local resources! Check to see if you have a SCORE, Small Business Development Center, or Economic Development Center. Call your local Chamber of Commerce to see if they have classes or can refer you to a local small business program. Also check with your local community college to see about resources they provide.

    Good luck!
    ‘Chelle Parmele
    Palo Alto Software

  • Master O’Neal

    I am a young entrepreneur who has created a clothing brand here in Florida which I plan to grow nationally in the long-run. I am a college student with insufficient capital to complete the start-up of the brand. The brand has been funded thus far by my friends and we have come to the point where we can not avoid the inevitable necessity of solid funding. Everything is ready to go with the brand. We are not ‘creating’ the brand, it is already created; now we are ‘building’ the brand. Necessary to note, because of the nature/culture of the brand, it has the potential to expand internationally as well. I have also been informed of certain grants that one could receive through various qualifications but I have not been successful in finding them. Its nice to find out that they may not exist.

  • Karen

    i live in a small tow where there is a lot of hispanics and i have heard that a lot do not know how to speak english which i know well they should learn but for a buisness i think it would be great to open a movie theatre where the movies would be translated in spanish and i know for sure i would have a lot of people going to my theatre even from far away small towns i dont really know what the cost could be but thats what i would like to do also buy a pretty big land to make them parking for mobile homes for at least ten it would be great because there is not a lot of space for mobile homes in town. also make a salon sort of like a ballroom to make partys but make it really pretty in the inside elegant jst really nice a lot of people only have two options here to rent a salon and they are not pretty big and spacious but not elegant enough for a wedding or quince or sweet sixteen. those are my ideas i have plenty more but those are my three first ones i can think of.


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  • chanel

    I want to start up a childcare learning center. I am a teacher by trade and I see a need to not only teach the child, but to educate the family unit. The community in which these children live. I want a learning center that offers trainings for things such as non chemical hair training, tutoring trainings, seminars, etc. HELP!!!! I saw a great building in Avondale az that would be great to start this business. No money so I drive by my dream everyday. It hurst to see a great building not being utilized due to funds.

  • Engzel_20flor

    hello, im florante rivera , from the philippines, 24 years old….i wanted to establish a business i own such as a store but i dont have money to start with..hope you can help me through to full fill my dreams, a dreams that i could share also to those who needed in the future,, please contact me if you want to help me at my mobile 09128870667 or email me

  • Jemma

    i am looking to open my own beauty salon and child minding service combined i have drawing up plans and dream of this my whole life. since ive had my son i wanted to wait till he started school to read more into my dream. but i have my plans and no money to build it. and i really would love some help in learning what or where i should go to find out more.

  • Deepika

    Hi.. I am looking to open my boutique for ladies garments only but without much expenses and want to do kurtis, toppers etc pls suggest me or I want to do online or want to do take orders in kurtis, toppers in a short quantity. Please advise me ASAP.


  • mrs lily


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  • Samantha Jeff

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  • Sudhi

    Hi …. I wants to start up with a day care and nursery school in Bangalore, wants to know how much it will cost….

  • josephine

    hello…. am a 20 yr old been with an idea since i was young that i cant share online to avoid hackers on my idea….but it needs alot of money wic i cant raise if i could get in contact with any pontential business partner intrested in investing in uganda …..i have acquired land on which to invest….bah it wud take me centuries to realise my dream without funds…any intrested entreprenuer out there please contact me. Josepnine

  • Albeni Hakan

    I am Bushra Fadi from Dubai. I am very happy today, I have finally received a loan from Mortgage Finance company in Italy. After 4 years I have been on internet looking for a loan. I really give thanks to God for this woderful testimony he has brought to me. Please help me thanks them for what they have done for me. Their email address is Thanks from Bushra Fadi.

  • Joseph Kasika

    Hi I am looking for funder for my business education college, anyone who is interested invitation is open. My contacts; +255717410811, +255779083396

  • Jacob

    contact me on i am willing to invest Anil, but only after hearing the business proposal. Email me, and we can set up a meeting.

  • irfan neonatal

    Hi, I am irfan akhtar from india. I want to import bags from China probably PU leather. But I don’t know how much do I have to pay to customs and other extra charges that I need to pay. If someone here can partner with me on this plz let me know.
    2nd. How can I sell my bags on ebay legally becoz I don’t a legitimate bill of the bags that I buy from local markets…so how do I deal with the tax and other legal things in selling my bags on eBay ….plz help me becoz I am on the brink of losing my shop becoz of low sales and profit.
    plz contact me at as I may not be able to come back here. Thankyou

  • Navaratan Baid

    Dear Anil,

    I will be interested in your idea so you can convince me then i can help you out,please for this call me

    name – Navaratan
    mobile – 8769322014

    • Time

      i wana inport energy drinks, ligal drugs from Germany…i have a connection and looking forward to start but i do not have money…….u can catch me on 0722272272…..OR

  • Dr S Suresh Kumar

    I am an indian govt senior official who wants to start an elearning business/defence offset business in india. These two sectors have got a very high take off here in india. I am on the lookout for someone to finance my business. pse call me at Dr suresh at 9449357416

  • Sandy Washington

    Hi my name is Sandy, I have a great idea for an invention, but I don’t no where to get started. I don’t have the funds to get started, so if someone can tell me how to get started

  • John Stevens

    Hi, my name is John and im 20 years old and may trying to get my start as a business owner, yes i know i lack the knowledge of most business owners double my age but ive worked in a few places and had watch how managers act in the work force some were mean and didn’t care about their employees and i know that it all stems from a higher ranked person who probably doesn’t even know anything about the employees. I dont wanna be like that, i wanna be a owner who is close to his employees and who can relate to them because if your employees are not with you 100% they will not like you and may even make it hard to function as a business. But in the end I just want the chance to run my own hotel, and to show the world as well as myself that Im capable to own a business despite my age and lack of knowledge if I could get the help to mature as a owner and a investor who believes in me as I do, I feel like I can become a great owner with no doubt in my mind. So can you lend me some advice.

  • Tau

    Hi I want to have my own cinema. I have located a very nice place in my area but I need an investor who can help me

  • sudhansu priyadarshi

    I will be interested in your idea so you can mail , or send your mobile number

  • Moses

    Hi everyone,This Moses with alot of business ideas since most of the resources in my country are not yet exploited and this is due to illeteracy of most people but right now I have an idea of starting up acommercial poultry farm but since I lack capital I call out any one who can support me in this highly profitable venture through financing my project
    There is alot of market for the products and all necessary resources so anyone who can invest in me is welcome. email me

  • adil kalave

    i want to start a small business i will buy vehicles glasses directly from the company at cheap prices and sell and fix to vehicles and earn money on that i have professionalist to do this work if you like my idea so please help me out,i am an indian but now located in saudi want to open my own business plz help me out

  • Pritpal Mann

    Hi, Pritpal here. I have 12 years of Marketing & Sales exp in Food Brands, basically i am a food engineer. i have good clients for business. So i want to start my own brand in Food Products. But no money to start. I am finding angel & understanding financer. i am based in india

  • Cyprian Mmutle

    hi my name is cyprian i have started a hair products manufacturing company i need investors

  • A.W

    Hi, This is Ahmed, I have a lot of Business ideas but no money in hand. I’m looking forward to invest in the construction business, which generates a substantial income in Egypt.
    I have other good business ideas, but I need an inventor.
    I looking forward to your help
    Thank you

  • Nikie

    Hey I am Nikie, I am a designer in exports and I have started my new brand – LOCO
    Loco is a swimwear brand, Its a leisure swimwear with new techniques. I am have great innovative ideas but too less money. I’ll be needing sponsorship of 50k for my start up. any links or suggestions?

  • Jesse

    Hi, my name is Jesse, and I’ve been interested in building up a stable clothing brand in the heart of Los Angeles. I have ideas piled up and I know it can be a successful brand in the long run, but I have not a lot of money to work with. I would appreciate it a lot if someone was willing to help, thanks!
    Kind regards.

  • Parvin

    hi, friends i am looking for investor cum business associates who can invest in my project i required 100k$ to start the business, the investor will be a partner in my business. Please contact me on my cell 9449243184 a/