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The Best Places Worldwide to Start Your High-Growth Startup

When it comes to high-growth startups, location matters—and if you start your business in the wrong place, you could end up dead in the water. Which cities provide the best resources and climate for startups?

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How to Choose a POS System

When it comes to choosing a POS system, the options can be overwhelming. Our guide will walk you through the process of picking the right one for your business, and help you avoid costly mistakes.

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I Started My First Business at Age 9: Here’s What Kids Can Learn from Being Entrepreneurs

One childhood entrepreneur shares the life and business lessons she learned while running her first business. If you think entrepreneurship is only for adults, think again.

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8 Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Started Their Own Businesses

Why do you want to be an entrepreneur? What drives you? We asked 8 successful entrepreneurs to share what pushed them to start their own businesses. Spoiler alert: None of them said money.

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Doing Business in China: Lessons from an Expat Entrepreneur

If you're planning on doing business in China, you'll need to be prepared. While taking your business overseas can present exciting opportunities, an unfamiliar business environment brings new challenges as well. Do you know how to overcome these expat obstacles?

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What I Learned from Starting a Travel Company

Are you starting a travel company? It's always smart to turn to those who've already been there. We asked Tara Cappel, founder of For the Love of Travel, to share five lessons she’s learned about what it takes to start a successful travel business.

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Profoundly Strange Subscription Businesses (That You Could Start Too)

Ongoing revenue, cash in the bank (and not just on account), and a popular business model...why wouldn't you start a subscription business? Here are some creative, unexpected subscription business offerings (that may inspire you to start your own subscription business).

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How to Learn Programming and Launch Your App in 3 Months—with No Programming Experience

If you need help developing an app, you might be tempted to hire a freelancer or search for a technical partner. But, have you considered learning programming and creating the app yourself? It isn't as hard as you think.

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