Starting a Business

Becoming Your Own Boss: A Bplans Guide

You're ready to ditch your office job and become your own boss. But how do you start—and what if you don't have an idea or a plan? This guide is for you.

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Our Best Resources to Help You Find a Business Idea

Maybe you know you'd make a great entrepreneur, but you're having trouble finding that perfect idea. Whether you're after suggestions, help with the brainstorming process, or tips for validating your idea, this list of great resources can help.

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Change Is the Only Thing That’s Constant: Why Small Businesses Should Embrace Disruption

Is your company equipped to deal with a global business climate that is changing more rapidly than you can say "disruption"? Be careful, or your business might just be left behind.

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From Wall Street to Entrepreneurship: 6 Hard Lessons Learned

Certain aspects of working for a company—like keeping your boss happy and navigating office politics—lose their utility when you’re on your own. Here are six lessons learned by one entrepreneur who made the switch.

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Online Business Ideas You Can Start With No Money

You know you want to start an online business, but you don't have much startup capital. If that sounds like you, consider one of these free (or very low-cost) online business ideas!

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The Ultimate Work From Home Checklist

There are certain tasks inherent when it comes to starting any business. But, if you're starting a home-based business, your list of to-do's is going to look a little different. Here is a checklist to simplify the process.

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17 Eclectic Businesses That Let You Work From Home

Working from home doesn't have to mean shutting yourself in a home office day after day. These unique, offbeat business ideas will spark your creativity and inspiration—greeting card writing business, anyone?

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Why College Is a Great Entrepreneurial Incubator

College is a great place to learn the necessary skills you need to start a business, but it also serves as a great incubator. Here's how to take advantage of the opportunities college offers for young entrepreneurs.

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