No Money? No Problem! 121

Is it possible to start a business without money or collateral?

Anything is possible and most companies were started from someone’s ideas written down on paper and financed by those who saw merit in the plan. Still, realism is important. This depends a lot on the specifics of the business. Some businesses are relatively easy to start without start-up funds, some virtually impossible.

I think you need to match your ideas to reality. Millions of service businesses start without money or collateral. These tend to be consultants, graphic artists, accountants, and other professionals. You have a skill that other people need, you have potential customers, take a job, and get started. Twenty years ago I started my business plan consulting business without money or collateral, just a skill, contacts, and the will to do it. You probably know several people who have done the same.

On the other hand, some businesses just don’t happen without start-up money. For example, you may want to develop and produce some electronic item that the world needs, but for that business you’ll need money for designers, software engineers, hardware engineers, prototypes, testing, packaging, and lots of other start-up costs.

Even on a smaller scale, few restaurants or retail stores start up without money to pay in advance for the location, fixtures and furnishings, signage, and so on. In these cases, you don’t necessarily have to have the money and collateral yourself, because for a good business the idea is that you raise the money from other people who want to participate in the upside of the investment.

That’s what this whole site,, is about: developing the business plan and raising money.

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  • Tom

    I want to open a supply and tool store for drywallers in my area. How do I develop equipment connections with suppliers to give a competitive price?

  • chi

    i want to launch a kids clothing line.i have no idea how to go about it and i have no money.please what advice do you have for me?

  • MDM

    I am a real estate investor surrounded by foreclosed properties and homeowners unwilling to file bankruptcy. I have a plan, but need capital.

  • capenter

    I’m planning on opening a miniature golf course in the Dominican Republic in a resorts area.I have investors ready to join in,but i need to develop a business plan for them.How can you help me.


  • Jae

    I’m in the early stages of attempting start a lounge in Philadelphia,I have no capital and really need some assitance

  • JMc

    Hey Jan

    You sound positive! I wish I could help. Anyway, not to worry, there must be someone out there who will pick up on your good vibe and give you that needed break.

  • liljo

    Im interested in starting a barber shop….a lot of good ideas just not sure where to start


    we are interested in starting our business in a legal bar. we are trying to start it but don’t have the funds or the knowledge of where exactly to satart.

  • Maya

    Hi,i want to open a modeling agency in limpopo bt idont hav capital or knw wer to start.iv gt experience in modeling

  • pat

    i am trying to start my own buisness and dont know how to get started w cash in hand an materials. Can you help me out and show me a little insight on how to get started.?

  • Clifford

    Hi there….

    I realy want to start a Coffee Shop, and have no funds to do that, and it’s not always nice to ask Mom and Dad to help.

    How can i start my own Coffee Shop with no funds?

  • liz

    i need help launching my feed store! ive got the building the knowledge and the drive just no funding

  • Mrs Donald Lasalle Lee

    I would like to start a small learning lab in my area.
    I need funds in launching my center. I have the knowledge I need someone to care.

    Darlene Lee

  • Casi Deatherage

    We have resources built into Business Plan Pro to help you get funding. For example, some businesses choose to start by bringing in investors for start-up funding, while others go to a bank for a business loan. Business Plan Pro has resources built in for both approaches (the SBA loan application for bank loans, the Venture capital Database for investment sources).

    Best regards,

    Casi Deatherage
    Palo Alto Software
    Customer Care

  • Maria Garcia

    I would like to open a shoe store, but need help with funds. And, eventually my husband would like to start a car wash business. Any suggestions?

  • trachelle

    I want to open an all day spa in a coming up community in my city but don’t have the funds.

  • T.Baker

    I would like to open up a winner cafe’ an right now i dont have any funds.An i know alittle about wine but i love wine and i love to cook so the food would come from my cook book. So Can You HELP !!!!!!

  • Joe Wright

    I would like to start a trucking company and I need startup funds to get a dependable and quality use tractor to haul TL and LTL interstate. I have 15 years of business management skills and 10 years in the trucking business. Help please

  • Avi Gavrieli

    I’m in the process of starting up a real estate management company (apartments), but need capital. Help!

  • http://yahoo Elita

    I would like to start a bridal hire business I live in Blantyre, Malawi, pls help

  • wiseman khosa

    i need to strat computre shop at limpopo how do i strat with a business plan

  • zohaib

    iam zohaib i want to open the showroom of bikes but i dont have money and no experience i need the advice and help would like to know how to start a business how to open the showroom?

  • zohaib

    iam zohaib i want to open the showroom of bikes but i dont have money and no experience i need the advice and help how to open the showroom?

  • Joanel

    I want to open a little ice cream shop but don’t have the money to do it. Please help.

  • Joanel

    I want to open a ice cream shop but don’t have the money to do it please help.

  • Alicia

    I want to open my own business but, I’m 18 with no money….PLEASE HELP

  • clifton

    I want to start an autobody repair shop ,has oer wenty years but dont have sart capital or equiptment.PLEASE HELP ME



  • Christine Balog

    I am interested in starting my own non-medical home care buisness and I have over 13 years the dept. In addition, alot of back up from friends and family just not the funds to get started. I even have clients already set up! Please some one help me to get this franchise of waiting success on the go.

    • juan

      i want to start en internet company based on turisim in central america. i need finances to travel and get equipmente necesary for my buisness idea. how can i get started

  • Lydia Saladino

    I would to start a cookies shop but don’t know how to start it I don’t have the money I have so many ideas
    and I know they are great Thank You

  • Rudolph


    I currently live in California and want to start my own IT Staffing firm desperately in Irvine CA or Downtown LA but don’t have the capital to do so, I have plenty of years in the IT Industries but again don’t have the means of funds to start business.I need and want a good business partner and someone willing to fund my dream of running and owning my own IT Staffing Company. Any ideas or Help????

  • Bernetta

    I’m interested in opening a pie shop, not sure how to get started. Have been planning and using your sites on line tools.

  • Ozlemli

    Business Plan Pro Thanks

  • Annete

    iam a working mom with a wonderful idea for an out of home buisness i have all the experiance i need to launch it but not sure how to get started or what it would cost to start can you point me in the right direction

  • victoria

    i have a couple of business ideas, but am not sure how to get started. i am also wondering how much capital is needed to start my on-line business.

  • Lerato

    My business is about developing the standard of living of black learners by offering them consistent motivation to pursue their career goals and my strategy of achieving this, is the new and is the best. All I need is a start-up capital.

  • Kay

    I am interested in opening a daycare. I’ve done the basic fundamentals and am now in search how to get funding to get my project off the ground and running.

  • http://none Gary B Spector

    I have been in the food business for 36 years working for other people making them successful.I am now 58 years old and have just been layed off for the first time in my life. I want to own my own business I have been very successful running other stores and food operations. Now I feel I need to take this chance and I know that I will not fail.I am creative, sharp, I know what peoples needs are, I belive in catering to your area and concetrate on selling the family value, local vendors, all natural ingredients. I have a spot located in the best part of town and all the remodleing and equipment cost worked out including labor and food cost. I know just what I know what the market will bare. The cummuunity is waiting for something like this. I did my own study and talked to people in the area I have talked to other shop owners in the shopping center. Plus that area just keeps getting the big guys Sears,Target,Pathmark,Penny,s,ETC.ETC. In the four shopping centers the take all four corners there is nothing like this in any of the centers or in 25 mile radis. It is a all natural prepared food take out with a sald bar and hot and self service case selling organic coffee and juices with a 12 table area for sit down for lunch or dinner. So as you can see I am very excited about this but I dont have any money just the experiance to make it work were can I turn for help please adive me. Gary Spector

    • Vandana Gupta

      Hi Gary , I am interested in opening a restaurant in Ahmedabad ( Gujrat ) . Please get in touch with me . 07874680983

  • Kafcookie

    It is my life long dream to have my own business. Over the past few years I have tried to incorporate my talents for baking, love of music, love of poetry, and creative design. I have an idea that I would like to execute into a business….it’s a Dessert Lounge. I would like to open this business in the south. This lounge would have selected decadent desserts with a lounge area for music. Each night will feature something different like live jazz, open mic for poetry, game night etc. This lounge is family friendly for family meetings, corp. meetings, showers, tea with friends or just relaxing with a good book. I am busting with excitement to get this business off the ground but I’m not sure how to get started. I’ve started researching cost for startup, I have a name for the business that I registered but I need direction with how to get started and the finances. I been looking at sample business plans on line but I am still a little uncertain with my direction on kicking this off. Please advise.

  • paul

    I want to start an energy consulting co.Are there any tips for getting my name out, gettint equipment, etc..
    that you could offer

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  • Palesa Rakhatoe

    Im planning on starting my own clothing line bt dont know how to go about starting it.the only problem i’ve got is i don’t have funds

  • Thomas

    I am a business major at PSU and i have a business idea. I don’t know how to start the business because i don’t have any money to start with. What should i do?

  • Vernon Lowdon

    I have 25 years of knowledge along with a machanic to service and sale Industrial Plural component spray equipment up and down the west coast of United States, if you understand the industry the VOC(volitile organic componds) regulations will be requiring more and more of this service, the market is filled with state of the art equipment and no one to train, service or consult with, with any real application knowledge, its a perfect opportunity with the right backing. Please help me.

  • rahul singhi

    i have so many new concepts and idea for new businesses but i don’t know how to start it i have so many diffrent-diffrent catogaries investment plans but no fund how can i start please suggest me.thanks

  • sandra Guerrero

    I’m in the health and wellness industry.I’m looking for people that want to feel good and want help people.Please email me at partime businees opportunity

  • Jim Kiffel

    I am currently Pursuing a carreer in Home inspection and Radon testing and mitigation in northeast Iowa. These fields require some specific tools and equipment. there are many state regulations to keep up with. I am planning to hire someone to do the clerical work. I will need financing to cover the tools and salary for at least 1 year. I have construction experiance and a degree in Mechanical Maintenance. I would like some input on where to find this financing. Thank you

  • kathy

    I am interested in buying a business. Price is good 1/4 of what the investment property is worth. What do grants provide? What does SBA do to help you get funding to buy a business? I need a person who can help me step by step is that possible?

    • marie

      hi just bought a catering van
      could you advise me on were to start
      regards marie also is there any funding

  • michelle

    I want to start a non-profit organzition that benefits the unemployed and uses as it’s resource the old handmade objects (tools, baking, sewing, pottery, woodworking, etc.) to keep our history’s foundational trades in rememberance. I have nothing of my own to start this with, just the ideas. I have no personal funds, no home to use as equity, no building or land to start with, and am even in personal financial debt, which I am working to pay off. My only reliable resources are not in any better circumstances to assist with. Any ideas of how to approach this? Please email me at if you have any suggestions.

  • Patrick

    Hi I am patrik from Secunda in South Africa. I am working now 20 years for the same company. I wish that I can say it is enough wasting my time making other rich and anot charing their wealth.

    I would love to start my own filling station (gas station). If it was possible that some one are willing to give me the opportunity by taking one over and meet with pay back method that will give him his rent and achieve my goal by paying it off in the shortest time.

    I have no knowledge of a business but are study Project Management, this give me a bigger picture that there are three main objectives to be 101% successful in the scope what I want to achieve, and that is TIME, COST AND QUALITY.

    yes: I do not have the knowledge and funds to start this idea but give me a change and see what I can and will achieve.

    NS: Maybe there will be a light at the end off the tunnel.

  • http://www.Adducent.TV Dennis Lowery

    I’m a business owner that in my 26 year career has worked with hundreds of clients, many of them entrepreneurs starting their own business. What this article touches on is something that I know to be true. You can make your dream of starting or buying your own business come true. Proper business planning is essential to making that happen.

    Dennis Lowery, President
    Adducent, Inc.

    Information & Services to help you start, fund or buy a business.

  • veekesh sharma

    I am a student of final year of Bachelor of Business Administration. after completing my graduation i want to start any small business but i don’t have money!!!!!!!!

  • syed s haider

    I want to start my own business i don’t have any capital fund, i want to start business of Office and school supplies,I have some experience in office supplies
    DBA or LLC. which is better to get some limited liability.any one can help me

  • aubree kerrouch

    I want to open a contemporary Cafe in san diego. My concept will be very easy to duplicate. I need help to finance my concept. I am from France and I know what ideas I can bring in San Diego. Please contact me

  • caiphus

    hi my name is caiphus am 27 i wish i get help to start a business of filling struggling for 3years to get help for fincial but i didnt get it. i have already have a site,but i have no idea of how can i start. i was a taxi owner an i fall but now i work in other company i need to rise up again because my people where am staying their suffuring with a fillingn station

    plz contact me an help

  • Dan

    I got laid off last year and I am working on an idea. The idea is to rate medical equipment and help healthcare providers find the best equipment for their needs. This would be accomplished through a website and be a low cost alternative to consultants who want big bucks up front. The website would conduct survey’s on a particular type of equipment, and comparing the different types of manufactures. Also I would the equipment and provide reports on the equipment.

  • danielle Smith

    I am researching trying to open a afc adult foster home i have a huge passionate for the work and i am very excited although i am having trouble finding a business plan for this. Any suggestion thank you for your time.

  • zarry

    get your car washed while you’re working
    like go to the packing lot and wash the car, How can I convince the the different owners of the car



  • rachel

    I would like to open an assisted living facility, but have no idea where to begin. I don’t have a lot of money, but I would prefer not to take out a loan. What do I need to do? What is the process? what do I research first? Who do I contact? I need to go step-by-ste.

  • darshana

    Can I get loan with the help of a business plan?

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  • Debra Handy

    I am trying to start a business primarily targeting children who are welfare recepients in the Washington, DC area. I have created a name for the business but there is limited start-up capital. What do I do? How can you guide me? Thx!

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  • http://noneyet fify

    i am fify,am 24 years old.i am a very hard working girl but having not the oppotunity to work or do something that could get some money for me to help my parents and brothers and sisters.
    i have no money but i am very interested in any business buying and selling with someone whom i can work with .
    or in any way i can get help please.
    my email address is
    and phone number

  • upinderjit singh nagi

    hi i am upinder jit singh. i am auto mobile eng. [ mech ] my age 38 year old 18 year my service maruti dealear. in [ punjab ] but in time free’ [ HEALP ME] SIR

  • sirisha

    hi iam sirisha.I just completed btech in electronics n communication steam. present i got married n staying at home only i am intrested to start a small bussiness bt i dnt have any idea wt bussiness should i do. i have a support from my husband side also.can u suggest me any idea?n thnq u

  • Brenda

    I want opene my own restaurant. Like a Thai food, Vietnam food and chinnes food, but I don’t have money. Lost my job unemloyment can’t not help my husband pay house. I need some one suport me and Opene my area I were living

  • M.Giftson Isaac

    Dear Sir,

    At my age of 29 i became Homeless, parentless, & also so many swindled me by getting my money saying that we will start agood business but everything in vain. Currintly i am working as a accounts assistant in adredging company @ ernakulam in Kerala state, south india.

    I am a person with powerful dreams & visions in my life pursuing a fruitful advice to start a genuine business which will make my visions & dreams come true.

    Plz help me. your faithful answer will be a great success for me. i want to prove in my actions to bcum a millionare. I am a graguate & a bachelor too.

    Waiting for ur reply in anticipation

  • http://google matshdiso selepe

    hi! i m matshediso from vereeniging. I have been traying to open internet cafe or ladies gym so my problem is i m alone on this and i m working shift, so i m looking for any who have an experience on business to help me.

  • Tuki

    Hi ! name blong me Tuki, I am doing a Security Guard job on a casual bases doing a Uni course on Policing, Terrorism and Anti-Terrorism. My great desire is to start a Cartering and a Cleaning busines to grow and grow. I am a keen hard worker and can manage to get people for work. Here I need a sound financial planner for advice and help and for interest recruit on board. If you are willing by heart contact me at: and will kick start from there. I have seen worst and everything out there, there is a vast of human needs out there, problems all sorts and there is a greater need to minimise these issues in return for a wealthy, peaceful and loving world. Please help or send a comment. Best regards.


    Starting a business is a very nice thing to do I personnaly encourage you all guys to go for your dream, and from me have good luck perhaps I could come over in your apartment .

  • Marcelo Gengosa

    Ofcourse if you start a small business with a good managerial skills it will grow up and become BIG and bussy business. I incourage all to “put your dreams on work” not to put your works on dream. We are the master of our own. Do it and make it. No pain no gain. So make your time usefull in everytime/anytime doing your business. With a great determination and strong vission towards your business, it will come true with an SPS – Successful, Profitable, and Stable business.

    Marcelo Gengosa
    Official Content Solution Inc.

  • Paul

    I need to write a business plan to start an educational institution, what steps should I follow?

  • Andualem

    I am working in government communication affairs office as puplic relation officer with my BA. There are three orphans with me whome they lived with me since two years ago. Now a days i am not in a position to feed them but i am trying to make them to start busines in i am in need of getting cameras to make bright their please call me at +251 09 12 38 92 85 or mail those who are intersted helping poors in money but rich in idias.

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  • Okezie Kingsley

    Like i said am Okezie Kingsley, I work as a freelance advert executive with a newspaper house in Nigeria (Guardain newspaper), I have this Idea having studied our market now my client finds it diffcult advertising on a high cost, i plan to starting a Magazine which will have at least a sagmented markert of about 5000people, this people will be of high profile.
    In this magazine issues relating to work place, relationship, business, government etc will be discuss and it will be circulated free, and the Magazine will be sustained with adverts of low cost being advertised on it.
    But the challenge now is the start up capital of about 60000Naira which is about 380 dollars please if I will receive help from your organisation will be most grateful a reture will be made by me after about three months God bless you.

  • Chelle Parmele


    You might try checking out

    This is a great organization that works with businesses like yours in micro loans.

  • David Wooten

    to whom it may concern:
    my wife name is princess , she currently been teaching 21 years in pulic school.
    she in need of start of capitol for down payment for daycare, she has and excellent business plan already. any sugggestions will be appreciated.

    david&princess wooten

  • Shirley M.

    i am trying to start my own business, do anyone knows of a company[ies] or person[s] who help people step-by-step with incorporation , etc., help w/granting grand/loan, at a very very low cost or they do it on a non-profit status? due to the economny i am on a low budget, trying to help my mother [92yrsold] with her bills, my son who is suffering from an illness, just a lot going on. i am interested in starting my own business so i can help take care of my mother and other problems. so if anyone out there no of someone just email me and put in the subject line “We help me with proposal writing?”. Thanks and be blessed.

  • http://none Bryce Hall

    I have no money and like to start a products selling business. Need help in raising money to get started. Help with a grant/or loan. I having to many bills and I have a negitive account and like to find a way to get out of it and make a honest living. My pay is not covering my bills this month. Please any help out there to get me back on track? I run out of money to go to work this week. Thank You May God bless you.

  • Copper Jewelry

    As a part time web page designer I hear about companies all the time that start with very little and end up being multi-million dollar websites… of course they have all started with more money than I have in my back pocket though. Even most graphic designers and the like have SOMETHING invested, whether it be school, or time at home practicing it’s still an investment. I don’t believe there is any real “no money” start up… you’ve got to put time and you need to be paid for your time or you don’t eat so that is money involved. Just my two cents.

  • Tiffany Williams

    Hi my name is Tiffany Williams. I am a business student and a cake decorator. I want to open up my own bakery business to decorate cakes and wedding cakes etc, in my state . I’m looking for an investor in Arkansas. I have no money and no collateral , other than working and my car , but I am optimistic about this I know I can make it with help, just need someone to help me. I also need someone to help with my business plan.

  • Carl

    THIS IS FOR PATRICK ,ABOVE …. If all you want is a gas station, it’s easy. find one that is for sale, make an agreement with the owner to pay him a part( the down payment the bank requires) in a monthly basis or installments,in the mean time go tell a bank you want so much and that you already gave him the percentage the bank is expecting you to put up front. let say the owner wants $50,000, tell the bank you gave him $20,000 already and boom you can’t fail to get the rest from the bank. in the mean time have a lawyer write the agreement between the 2 of you on how much he will get from you on a monthly basis :) simple . I’m sure the owner won;t mind having $30,000 in a check (from the bank ) and receive so much a month from you. :) Done Deal both of you will be happy he with the sale and you with the station.
    This deal is as much of a white lie as a cash income statement for a business plan LOL. been there done that. P.s. make sure that it’s going to be profitable and take surveys of all that can be done in there.

  • Luis Urquilla

    Hi, I’m almost done writing up my business plan to start up a marketing company overseas in Central America. The beauty of opening businesses in less developed countries is that you can pick any successful business here in Canada and the USA, make sure it’s a product or service that is needed in the foreign country, and make sure it doesn’t already exist there. ..It’s like looking into the future and going back in time and put it all together and make it happen, the chances of success are huge!

    I have seen 4 opportunities go to waste in front of my eyes, opportunities that were identified and because I didn’t do anything about them I got to see how some else did and became very successful, and because they were the Pioneers overseas bringing in the concept for the first time now dominate the market. One example, virtual offices. this business opportunity was exploited just 4 months after I identified it as a great opportunity.

    I don’t want the same thing to happen with the opportunity I currently want to pursuit, I have some start-up funds but I would fell much more confident if I had a considerable amount.

    My question is, how likely and common is it for a bank in North America (Eg. Canada or USA) to approve loans for business ventures overseas? Another advantage is that a Canadian bank also has branches in the Central American country where the local currency is USD. (The advantage would be once receiving revenue, not so much during start-up and investment.)


  • Vanessa

    Hi. My name is Vanessa and Im a single mother of four. I want to own my own business. It will be a daycare and I have wanted this for a long time. However I have no idea what I need to do first. I have been told I can go to these schools that you can graduate within a year but, I really want to be successful. I want this bad and I know I have the right ideas to keep it going in the right direction and be very successful if I get pointed toward the right direction. If anyone can give me some advice maybe a few contacts that could help me out. I live in Columbus, ohio and would greatly appreciate in help anyone can offer.

    Thank you,


  • Holly

    Just started new business a very short while ago. It was interesting to find out that anywhere I went, there was a ton of business owners who started ine the “basement”. When I honestly told them that I was looking for the best deal possible, since the start up funds did not exist, these people were so helpful. Almost like a big family – everyone understood, noone turned away. Well, except one person. This is funny. My ex-boyfriend, who had been in business for 15 years, but never had to go through pain of start-up, – he was the most unsupportive person. Well, hence the “ex” part.
    My point is – get out and be honest. I am now in the midst of applying for grants available for expansion. Honesty and hard work on a business plan – that’s all I am relying on. It is amazing how much motivation, clear vision, honesty and no fear to hear “no” can drive someone to success they never thought was possible.
    Best of luck to all!

  • kbullock


    My dream has always been to open a hair salon. I was recently laid off of a job that I put years into. Instead of being discouraged, I want to turn my tombstones into stepping stones. I feel in my heart this is the right time for me. I would love some help with putting together a business plan and help with getting grants/loans. I haven’t a penny to my name but I feel like it’s now or never.

  • Todleho | Friends | Fun

    Really valuable information for an entrepreneur who is just starting up. After reading your article I am already half way through my business plan. I have launched a social networking and an entertainment portal where everyone can have fun. Can anyone suggest where I can get funding for growing my business further?

  • http://webmail posh

    hi i would like to start a business but i cant write a comprehensive plan and i dont have money what can i do, i would like to have a franchise

  • Eren

    Hi everybody! I read some of this articles about makeing your dreams, makeing your own bussines. It is the first step that dreaming about it. I am from kazakhstan and i now that i have a lot of oppotunies to begin to open my own bussines. But as you, i don’t have enough money. It is not a problem i think, we will see! Hope everything will be good with you, i wish you all your dreams willl come true!!!

  • Holly

    So true, so true!
    No-financing start-up is exceptionally painful, however, this period allows the business owner to test their commitment and dedication.
    If you are a true believer in your futures success, it takes very little to survive through the start-up without money.
    In any case – well-thought, realistic business plan DOES help to test your own idea.
    Best of Luck!

  • document retrieval site owner

    Very fair points. I previously opened a sports agency, which was a cash dependent business. I have also operated a network of web sites, which was quite manageable based on scale. My current enterprise, a law firm that also provides document retrieval, can go either way. It is a service similar to others mentioned above. I know people with similar operations who spend less than a thousand dollars per month on their expenses. I know others who spend many thousands, especially on marketing. There is no shortage of B-to-B companies available to help blow a budget of any size. It’s quite important to ensure costs are kept as low as reasonable in order to maximize profit.

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  • rony abboud

    I’m 18 years old and I have an idea to market a product for a company, how can i make them buy my idea without them stealing it ?


    I think the quick answer here is – they won’t buy it. Not saying your idea isn’t great, but it’s rare that a company will pay strictly for an idea. If you have a proven process that you are offering to the company as a service or as a consultant, then that’s a bit different. But just offering an idea and expecting to be paid for it is very unlikely.

  • Haile

    Hi, my name is Haile. Pleas, I am very intersted to open gas station but I do not have many.I am callge student with two kids day and night my dream is how to open my own store(gas station). Pleas I need help to be sucssful.
    God America

  • rita

    I am very disappointed today. I have applied for a loan from the ithala bank in south africa. i need capital for my medical company, they want me to give them security of 60% against my loan or an investment from me as a member. I just don;t get it…If I had so much of security, would i have come for a loan? I am so so disappointed.

  • http://? kim jackson

    I am so determined to open my own salon,but my dreams seem soo hopeless,why ?because i don’t have the money to even start. i once had income in 2005 and i started a corporation at the above email name,but still to get the building and take off with success and my visions of helping others feel good about themselves is on a complete standstill,i try to play lotto or wish someone could help me .i would like t set out a day at the salon where homless,low income families,kids who are starting school,prom,etc without money to look the very best come in on this special days ad allow me to care for them and thier needs. but i see it takes money to get money

  • Thola mlondo

    I’m looking for a busness plan ,i’ve found someone who is selling the bar and the resturent and i,ve found the person who is willing to help prevousely dissadvantage black people with money to start their own small busness.i’m just looking for a busness plan

  • Dane Pymble

    Very sound advice. I think funding can be a blessing and a curse at times, particularly debt funding. I think one should work on their project for as long as they can with the resources available to them prior to seeking funding.

    It is also very good to get some practical experience in an industry before going it alone. You can try getting part time work learning the ins and outs or even volunteer if that is possible. Not only will you get hands on experience but it’s a great way to build up your network.

    Also there are so many things you can do for free to create exposure such as writing a blog, participating in forums or simply helping out someone you know. I am doing all these things at the moment in my project Small Business Wizardry ( We help small business owners access resources and tools to help start and grow their small business.

    There is no better feeling than being able to help people out, sharing your experiences so they can also develop. It’s a wonderful learning experience!

    Stick to what you really love and give of your time and people will be sure to talk about you:)

  • anzar ali

    i want to make a live project, and for that i want to start a buisness, bt i’ve no money to start, whats the gavernment skimm for this….

  • Jude

    I think your tips are hot. I am trying to start a business on shoestring and I think I’ll apply these tips.

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  • Royalty Fashion

    This is great and very timely because I am planning to put up a soap making business next month but the problem is I have no enough capital to make it a go, I have all the idea and drive to make it realize but the big problem is–money…This information is really a good help.

  • PL HY

    Must be the eradication of the Communist Party of China! The Earth’s inhabitants to new students!

  • Janvi25

    Hello I am planning to start trading business but really dont know how to start or who can guide me on this. As i am working in private organisation thats not an issue how to start which are the form where i have to submit .please advise

    • shri

      helo i can guide u what problem u have tel me

  • Alexander

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    Various options of mutually beneficial cooperation are possible. If you have ideas of opening of any production at discretion is ready to start realization of your ideas in Republic of Belarus.
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  • Daniel Jemberu

    It is my pleasure to welcome and wish you a happy and prosperous
    times.i have big creative and innovative ideas but i dont have money so I
    am now planning a computer refurbishing
    bussiness where all old and thrown out accessories are used again with
    low cost and prices to the market, and can d
    evelop some softwares for
    hospitals , schools and businesses . . .as i Iam learning softwares.

    If i am provided with some inputs and trainings i can even make the very best of my potentials ! please help me?

  • Dickson Darkwah

    Just a new start-up Entrepreneur and need a lot of advice from people who have a lot of experience in starting up a business especially without cash please.

  • Lil mama123

    I am planning to start a bowling alley but don’t know where to start how to start and what I need to do. I LIVE in a small town where it’s nothing to do but get in trouble I want to help the community by giving the kids and every one hope that some one cares for our small town. I need help any advice is good advice.



  • Ketu Solanki

    hi my self solanki ketu i have no finance bit i have starting my own business.i dont know idea for business what is starting so ggive me idea and trip for me

  • R@@Z

    i want to start IRS but i don’t have any experience with it
    Anyone give me some help with it

  • Amy

    I have a unique business idea and have started to run my business but I have two big hold backs I have bad credit history (14’000 debt) and no money currently to get a building for my business plans I need a building to take my business to the next level and provide my target market with what they have proven through questionnaires and conversations with me that they want and is needed, by getting my own place I would be making enough to clear off my debt and full fill my passion. Does anyone know how to get around this…

  • Jackey

    Urgent need some money to cover my life
    Hong Leong Bank 215-50-12056-3

  • natndanny

    Hi I am wanting to start a home embroidery business first as I am not wanting to borrow alot of money as I don’t want to get into a lot of debt. I have not got any money to buy the embroidery machine & software which cost alot can someone please help and point me in the right direction please

  • ladydianne

    Hello, my friend and I want so much to start our T-shirt business. We have no money and our credit is shot. We want so much for a lending business to loan us money where the pay back won’t be so expensive. How can we get start up money for our business that will help us get the equipment and our website started. We have the ideas, the designs, but we just need the help.

  • sarra dobhal

    i am running a school. there are 200 students studying. Now i want to buy a land bt here is financial problem. please give me a suggestion

  • Anastasia Hayden

    Miss Juliette Skelton

  • Jobin

    Hai Every Body
    i would like to inform i have idea for in big shopping mall like a lulu this is my plan

  • faizan

    man thats good but here is something i have for u its a great plan if you no how to sales a product in a market we can make our own brand i want a partner who can invest just a 2000 dollars

  • Trying to be at my finest.

    Yea… its a catch 22. Without any capital, you can’t print business cards. To make a ‘donation’ account at the bank, takes a second form of ID, and $50. The second form of ID, takes more gas, money, and time.
    I too could make billion’s dollars for some Venture Capitalist, or Angel Investor.
    To many ideas have faded away to let my ‘Solar Panel Integration’ idea do the same. Let me know when you get the funding to help another in need of some “$$$” . May your future be prosperous, and your life be wealthy. Harmonically Wealthy. (513) 800-0315