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Want to Grow? Know Your Numbers. Track Your Metrics.

by Candice Landau

The content of this article is based upon an interview conducted on October 2014 with Sabrina Parsons, CEO of Palo Alto Software. For many small business owners—especially those who have turned a passion or hobby into a business—tracking metrics and numbers is a chore. If you’re not an accountant and you don’t have a background in... Read more »

Google Headquarters has become known for it's vibrant company culture, including such things as an Irish pub themed lounge.

What Defines Your Company Culture?

by Angelique O'Rourke

Company culture is a hot topic lately, and for good reason. Recent research shows that especially among younger generations, people want their employers to not only provide them with an income, but meaningful work, and a positive environment. We’ve all heard the famous phrase: Culture eats strategy for breakfast. In short, your company culture determines much of... Read more »

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The Entrepreneur’s Accounting Cheat Sheet

by Candice Landau

According to a study undertaken by the Small Business Administration, 28 percent of companies go bankrupt due to problems with the financial structure of the company. Many of these problems could be avoided by following good accounting practices. Keeping a record of your financial details IS important to the livelihood of your business. Not only will the correct... Read more »


7 Reasons Your Website is Scaring Customers Away

by Cidnee Stephen

When you are researching products and services online, do you ever notice how quickly you dismiss some websites because you don’t feel they will deliver? Well, what about your website? Will your potential customers run away in fear? What does an untrustworthy website look like? Have a look at this list of website trust factors. If... Read more »

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Women at Work: 11 Reasons Why We Are Still Talking about This in 2014

by Jonathan Michael

We’re nearing the end of 2014, and it’s an unfortunate reality that gender discrimination is still an issue in our society. After all the progress women have made in the professional world, there are still plenty of reasons why we need to fight for workplaces that support women and men equally. In fact, we’re hosting a... Read more »

You don't want to be running damage control.

How to Manage Your Business’s Online Reputation

by Mark Potter

“A brand for a company is like a reputation for a person. You earn reputation by trying to do hard things well”—Jeff Bezos The importance of online reputation management cannot be understated. Thanks to sites such as TripAdvisor, it’s easier than ever for customers to post their comments and criticism online. And, as many businesses... Read more »

Sometimes it's the smaller business that has more freedom to innovate.

Take Advantage of a New Trend: Big Businesses Look to Small to Innovate

by Lew Koflowitz

An increasing number of big companies are hiring small businesses to help them develop innovative products, processes, and procedures. If your company is an innovator, you may be able to team up with larger firms to grow your business much more rapidly. Many small businesses see themselves mainly as competitors with larger companies in their... Read more »


What Do Venture Capital Firms Want?

by Tim Berry

What do venture capitalists want in an investment? If you have to ask, then you (and your business) are probably not a good candidate. And—just in case you don’t recognize it—that’s a reference to an old joke: When someone asks a Ferrari salesman how much it costs, the salesman answers, “If you have to ask,... Read more »


The Beginner’s Guide to Launching a Food Truck Business

by Lisa Furgison

The food truck craze is sweeping the nation. From thriving cities to small downtown areas, food on wheels is the hip new trend. It’s not just drawing a new crowd of eat-on-the-street customers, it’s bringing in big bucks too. The food truck business pulls in an estimated $804 million in revenue every year, according to... Read more »


Sleep Your Way to Higher Productivity

by Belle Beth Cooper

I’ve been feeling really tired lately. It’s that tired feeling that drags on for days and days until you finally give in and have a real rest from work (I’ve planned a week off in October). Trying to work on projects that require lots of thought, mental clarity, and—I can’t even think of the word... Read more »


How to Come up with Hundreds of Business Ideas

by Candice Landau

For some people, coming up with ideas is as easy as spotting chewing gum on the sidewalk. For others, it’s nearly impossible. For me, new idea generation isn’t just easy, it’s something I’m doing all the time and often without trying. I do not believe this is an innate ability, but rather a “skill” that... Read more »


5 Things to Consider When Hiring Friends and Family

by Scott Huntington

It would seem like an ideal situation to work with close friends and family members. You can’t imagine people who would be more invested in your happiness and success. Not only that, but you actually like each other. These are the people you care about and easily socialize with. If you count on these people... Read more »

money saving tips

30 Money Saving Tips for Your Business

by Angelique O'Rourke

Saving money as a small business can be tricky—if you’re a startup especially, money might be tight already. You probably don’t have a big portion of your income that you can tuck away as savings, and you welcome opportunities to make your operations more cost-effective. We’ve compiled a list of money saving tips—ways for you... Read more »

For lenders, it's not this simple.

Lenders Face Serious Issues in Taking Bitcoin as Collateral

by Lew Koflowitz

Despite the recent turmoil in the bitcoin market, this cryptocurrency remains, at the moment, a viable medium of exchange that may be on the rise again. For example, the satellite TV company Dish Network announced in late May that by September, it will become the largest company yet to accept payment in bitcoin through the payment processor Coinbase.... Read more »


Top 5 Places to Get Startup Advice from the Experts

by Allan Watson

As a small-business owner, you make hundreds of decisions every day—some of which will have a lasting effect on your business. Sometimes the solutions you need aren’t as obvious to you as you might hope. In those instances, you might want expert advice to help steer you in the most productive and profitable directions. How... Read more »


14 Ingredients for Innovation

by Scott Gerber

To succeed, companies—especially startups—need to have innovative approaches to solving everyday challenges. But not every company has this skill. To find out what businesses should do to improve upon this, we asked founders from YEC ingredients for innovation most companies are lacking. Their answers are below. 1. True Collaboration Most companies need to shift somewhat from their original... Read more »


The State of Small Business [INFOGRAPHIC]

by Angelique O'Rourke

How successful would small business owners in the U.S. say they are, if you asked them?  Here at Palo Alto Software, we are always interested in helping people succeed in business. That’s why earlier this year, we wrote a white paper on the state of small business in the first quarter of 2014,  based off... Read more »

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The 5 Metrics You Need to Track for Your Subscription Business to Succeed

by Noah Parsons

Subscription businesses are everywhere these days. From the predictable to the downright weird, you can seemingly subscribe to anything. Subscription businesses are hot because of their recurring revenue model. And, while there are pros and cons to running a subscription business, the financial benefits tend to be great. Instead of chasing after customers every month, customers pay... Read more »

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What a Famous Comic Artist Can Teach You about Starting & Running a Business

by Candice Landau

I have always believed that if I want to learn something, I need to DO something. I need to take action. This is how I learned to cycle, how I learned to solder metal jewelry and how I learned to write fiction. That said, I find equal value in first reading about and learning as... Read more »

Have plans? Need funding? Lending is picking up.

Lending to Small Business Picks up

by Lew Koflowitz

It’s finally getting a little easier for small businesses to obtain the funds they need to invest in and grow their operations. Statistics from a variety of sources indicate a gradual loosening of lending to small businesses around the country. The National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB), for one, reported in January that in its most... Read more »