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Starting a business is a multi-step process that can feel overwhelming when you're on your own, but we'll make it easy to stay organized and on track while you start your business and achieve success. Whether you're refining your business idea, filing for permits and licenses, drafting your business plan, or looking for funding, we have the tools you need to do it right and get it done. If you're ready to start your business but need a helping hand, why not take the Start a Business in 30 Days challenge?

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How to Start a Franchise Business

By Angelique O'Rourke

A lot of people are drawn to franchising. If it’s right for you, it can be a road map to profitable business ownership. You can get in on a great idea or successful business that has a track record of success and a strong brand, and still run the business yourself. Franchise expert Joel Libava... Read more »


SWOT Analysis Challenge Day 1: How to Identify Strengths

By Lisa Furgison

Welcome to Day 1 of our 5 Day SWOT Analysis Challenge! Sign up for our daily updates during the challenge and complete your own SWOT Analysis. Click here to join the challenge for FREE. Invite others to take the challenge! Share this article on Facebook or Twitter and use the #SWOT hashtag. As an entrepreneur,... Read more »


Cats With Your Coffee? What Entrepreneurs Can Learn From Purringtons Cat Cafe

By Briana Morgaine

Over a year ago, I first heard the rumor that a cat cafe had opened in London. To me, it seemed a whimsical, storybook sort of place, where one could get a cup of tea and pet a cat at the same time. Charming, I thought, but a bit unbelievable—did such an establishment really exist?... Read more »


12 Business Books I Can’t Wait to Read This Year

By Jonathan Michael

Are you a voracious reader? I have to admit that I’m not. I’m what you call a voracious book starter. A lot of topics interest me, but there are only a few books each year that keep my attention long enough for me to finish them. I’ve looked at some of the business books coming out over the next... Read more »


Ask Me Anything! (Well, Almost Anything)

By Noah Parsons

Hi. I’m Noah and I’m COO here at Palo Alto Software. In case you didn’t know, Palo Alto Software is the great company behind Bplans. Our goal has always been to help entrepreneurs succeed in business. In addition to making business planning software, we also try and help by providing all of the articles and advice... Read more »