Businessman on call on pool floatie

How to Manage Virtual Employees

by Erik Neilson

Considering hiring a virtual team? Be sure to follow these tips on how to run an efficient distributed office. Read more »


5 Ways to Turn Your Employees Into a True Team

by Ryder Cochrane

That said, merely working together doesn't allow me to really know all that much about my teammates. The way I've gotten to know my teammates is through all of the team bonding activities my office puts on. Read more »


Deeply Profound Money-Saving Advice for New Businesses: Skip the Jalapeños

by Matt Rissell

Here is a simple calculator to determine how much your business can benefit from having an automated time tracking solution. Read more »

How to reward employees

3 Best Ways to Reward People on Your Team

by Tim Berry

When somebody on your team presents you with some surprise good news, the results of a job done well, or a task accomplished with extra merit, you really need to react quickly, and well. Here's what I recommend you do when somebody on your team does an unusually good job at something. Read more »

what I expect from an employee

3 Things I Want Most From My Employees

by Tim Berry

Somebody asked me the other day what I look for in employees. As I think about it, I can boil what I'm looking for in an employee down to these three things. Read more »

Unhappy Employee At Fast Food Restaurant

Sometimes The Customer Isn’t Right

by Andrea Vedder

Making customers happy is great for business, and so most managers don't think beyond the basic tenet of customer service that "the customer is always right." Which is great, except for the times when the customer is wrong. Read more »

Businessman At Podium

Manage like Michael Scott: Start Your Own Dundie Awards

by Jeff Robinson

Michael Scott, the manager of Dunder-Mifflin on NBC's hit situation comedy The Office, was a fool. However, even a broken clock is right twice a day. Read more »

Curb Your Car - Bike to Work Week

7 Ways to Get Your Employees Thinking Sustainably

by Brent Hardy

Step one was deciding to green your company's buildings and culture, but step two is getting your employees on board with the change, and motivating them to contribute to your company's new environmentally-friendly persona. Here are some creative ways to get where you're trying to go. Read more »


Happy people – happy business

by Sean Blanks

As has matured, we have come to understand that people make the business, so we have put into place a set of rules that we abide to in all aspects of our work: “Is it better for our customers? Is it more efficient for us?” Read more »


Q: How can you bring your employees closer?

by Scott Gerber

The following answers are provided by The Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC), an invite-only organization comprised of the world's most promising young entrepreneurs. Read more »