Episode 11: Business Buzzwords, False Assumptions, and Content Tips from Joe Pulizzi | The Bcast

This week, Peter and Jonathan list their most-hated business buzzwords and false assumptions, and Joe Pulizzi (founder, Content Marketing Institute) also joins in.

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A Joint Venture Just Might Be Your Ticket to Rapid Growth

A joint venture gives your business the chance to grow, thanks to someone who also shares your vision.

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How to Conduct a Sales Call Without Sounding Like a Desperate Jerk

Dread sales calls? You're not alone. The good news is, sales calls don’t have to be painful or demeaning; if they are, then you’re doing it wrong. Follow these hacks to get it right.

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How to Solve Problems in Your Business: Kanban, Kaizen, and Scrum

Kanban, kaizen, and scrum are three problem-solving methods that have given both large and small companies the ability to improve business efficiency, and minimize problems across all business processes.

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How to Choose a Business Location

Choosing the right location is about so much more than finding the place that looks closest to the one you’ve envisioned. It’s about being somewhere your customers will see you, being in a competitive location, staying within budget, and meeting local and state regulations and laws. Let us guide you through the process.

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Want to Start a Blog? 8 Questions to Answer Before You Begin

Want to start a blog? Before you begin your journey through the blogosphere, there are some serious questions you should address first.

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How to Start an Ebay Business

With over 112 million users, eBay is a great place to start and grow a business. With low starting costs and the freedom to experiment, you may just find your new business home right here. Learn how to start an eBay business today!

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Can You Create a Great App Without a Tech Background? One Entrepreneurial Mom Shows You How It’s Done

Jillian Darlington: single mom, entrepreneur, and creator of the MomCo app, an app that brings moms together. Get inspired by her creative startup story.

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