Building a Lifestyle Business in a Startup World

Sometimes it seems like a "unicorn" startup is the only type of business worth pursuing. But what if a "lifestyle business" is more your speed?

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Learn How to Come Up With Killer Business Ideas

The difference between becoming the next household name or just another failed business lies in one powerful point: the strength of your business idea.

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Five Signs That It’s Time to Scale up Your Business

Planning for growth is essential—but scaling your business too soon can spell disaster. Here are five key indicators that it's time to scale your operations.

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Angel Investment: A Curated List of Our Best Articles

If your business is seeking angel investment, you're probably wondering what investors will ask, and what they're looking for. Here are our top resources.

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Pinterest Marketing: A Small Business Guide

Pinterest isn't just for visual brands (or finding great recipes). Learn how to create a Pinterest marketing strategy that works for your business, no matter what your industry.

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Becoming Your Own Boss: A Bplans Guide

You're ready to ditch your office job and become your own boss. But how do you start—and what if you don't have an idea or a plan? This guide is for you.

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How to Make Your Bookkeeper Really Work for Your Business

If you've decided to work with a bookkeeper, it's important to make sure you pick the right one and get as much out of their services as possible. Here's what to pay attention to.

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Instagram Marketing: A Small Business Guide

Think Instagram is just for highly visual businesses? Think again. Here's how to make an Instagram marketing strategy work for your small business, no matter what your product or service.

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