what to say in your investment pitch

What to Say in Your 1, 5, 10, or 20 Minute Pitch (+ Tips From Successful Entrepreneurs!)

by Angelique O'Rourke

Have the opportunity to pitch your business to an investor? How do you know what to include in pitching opportunities for varying lengths? We’ve got you covered, no matter what length of pitch you're working on. Read more »

sales skills entrepreneurs need to master

Want to Start a Business? Hone Your Sales Skills

by Mike Monroe

If you really want to succeed as an entrepreneur, you need to start learning the ins and outs of business. An important place to start is by building your sales skills. Here are the top sales skills you need as an entrepreneur. Read more »

What is a franchise? McDonald's is an example of a franchise business.

What Is a Franchise?

by Joel Libava

If you're looking to start a business, you might have considered franchising. But first, what is a franchise, and how do you start one? What are the benefits and risks of franchising? We'll go over them in this article. Read more »

free invoice templates

Free Invoice Templates to Help You Get Paid Faster

by Angelique O'Rourke

Whether you’re a freelancer or running your own small business or startup, you’ve got to get paid—preferably on time. A simple, professional invoice can make all the difference. Here are some free invoice templates you can use to easily create your own invoices. Read more »

sample business plans

How to Get the Most Out of a Sample Business Plan

by Sabrina Parsons

The basic idea of a sample business plan makes perfect sense. If you haven’t done a business plan before, a sample plan gives you an instant idea of what you should include, how to structure it, even what to write. Here's how to get the most out of a sample business plan. Read more »

market research resources

Practical Market Research Resources for Entrepreneurs

by Noah Parsons

Are you starting a business? One of the first things you'll need to do is market research. Here are a few top market research resources to get you going. Read more »

buyer or user persona

How a Buyer (or User) Persona Can Improve Your Business

by Noah Parsons

A buyer or user persona is a fictional character that represents a business’s customers or potential customers, based on what you know about their demographics, behaviors, and what motivates them. Here's why you need a buyer or user persona, and how to create one. Read more »


How to Start a Real Estate Business

by Candice Landau

Wondering how to start a real estate business? If you’re organized, ambitious, goal-oriented, and personable, real estate could be the career for you. Here's what to consider when starting a real estate business to optimize your chances for success. Read more »

starting a business in 2019

5 Essentials for Starting a Business in 2019

by Diane Gilleland

Is 2019 the year that you finally start your own small business or startup? There are a lot of good reasons to consider starting your company this year. You don’t necessarily need a degree in business or finance to be successful. You can do it—and here's how. Read more »

how to make money from your patent

6 Ways to Profit From Your Patent

by Kanika Sharma

Filing for a patent isn’t cheap, so it makes sense that if you went to the trouble of protecting your idea, the next step is to figure out how to profit from it. The value of your invention is completely in your hands. Here are six ways to make money from your patents. Read more »

Bruce Carr of Web Ninja

4 Quotes From Successful Small Business Founders

by Kateri Kosta

Are you ready to start your business this year? Sometimes it can help to hear from small business founders who were able to breathe life into their business idea and make it go. Read more »

pixar storytelling

The Perfect Pitch: A Pixar Storyteller’s Secret

by Matthew Luhn

Storytelling is the most effective way to change minds, behaviors, and philosophies. Here's how Pixar has mastered the act of storytelling, and how you can apply storytelling to your business. Read more »

offline marketing tips

11 Effective Offline Marketing Ideas for Startups in 2019

by James Javier

Digital marketing isn't the only type of marketing you should be paying attention to. If you haven’t been putting much effort into your offline marketing tactics, here are some tips and strategies to consider. Read more »

how to buy a business

Buying a Business

by Nolo

There are some benefits to buying an existing business if you’re not as interested in starting a business from scratch. The key to buying a business? Doing the right research so that you can be confident that what you see is what you’re going to get. Read more »

come up with business ideas

How to Come up with Hundreds of Business Ideas

by Candice Landau

Are you having trouble coming up with business ideas? There are endless creative ways to discover innovative solutions, and we cover many of them here. If you want to start a business, but aren't sure what kind to start, this guide will show you strategies for brainstorming your next great business idea. Read more »

setting clear goals for your business

How to Set Clear and Actionable Goals for Your Business

by Jennifer Quinn

Many business owners know what they want, but struggle to hit their business targets. Here's how to set actionable business goals that will help you grow your company successfully. Read more »

how to come up with a business name

Top Tools and Techniques to Help You Name Your Business

by Briana Morgaine

How do you decide on a business name? If you’re starting a business, one of the biggest decisions you’ll make is what to name your new company. These tools and resources will help you name your business—and have fun while you do it. Read more »

what business to start in 2019

Can’t Decide What Business to Start in 2019? No Problem, We’ll Tell You

by Candice Landau

So, you want to start a business, but what kind should you start? Here are the most popular business plans on Bplans for 2018, plus our recommendations for what business to start in 2019. Read more »

gifts for entrepreneurs

20+ Gifts for the Entrepreneur in Your Life

by Briana Morgaine

The holidays are almost upon us—do you have all of your gifts ready? We've got 20+ fantastic gifts for entrepreneurs. Find the perfect gift for the entrepreneur on your shopping list, or if you're the entrepreneur, pick up a gift for yourself (we won't judge). Read more »

what is a unique value proposition

How to Create a Unique Value Proposition

by Lisa Furgison

What makes your business stand out from the competition? Learn how to create a unique value proposition (also called a unique selling position) to set your business apart from competitors. Read more »