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Alan W. Silberberg is founding CEO of Silberberg Innovations (DIGIJAKS, LLC) and Gov20LA. He is one of the most sought after international Gov 2.0 Analysts and a frequent blogger and media commentator. He speaks often on government and corporate innovations in technology, and private/public partnerships. He is currently advising multinational corporations and national governments on technology, social media and crisis communications. Additionally he advises startups and high growth companies. He is focused on the business side of Government 2.0 and how the technology platforms create commercial ventures and new markets. Alan has a 20 year background in national politics and technology. He is an innovator, thought leader and a leading analyst about social media, mobility and cloud issues.

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The Art of Social Listening

Are you listening; really listening to the conversations going on about you and your products? As a CEO and an adviser to governments and politicians, I do a lot of listening. I even wrote a blog post about my listening into my industry, Government 2.0. In the 1990’s and early 2000’s it was “You got... Read more »