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Briana is a content and digital marketing specialist, editor, and writer. She enjoys discussing business, marketing, and social media, and is a big fan of the Oxford comma. Bri is a resident of Portland, Oregon, and she can be found, infrequently, on Twitter.

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As popular as the subscription business model may be, it’s not foolproof. Here's how to make sure your subscription business idea is worth buying over and over again. Read more »


How to Choose Which Social Media Platforms Are Right for Your Business

Even if you wanted to market your business on every social media platform available, you probably don't have time to do it all. Here's how to choose where to focus your social media marketing. Read more »


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Ask the Experts: What Marketing Tools Can’t You Live Without?

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YouTube Marketing: A Small Business Guide

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LinkedIn Marketing: A Small Business Guide

LinkedIn is a great resource for both job-seekers and employers alike, but it can also be a solid addition to your social media marketing strategy. Here's how to market your business with LinkedIn. Read more »


Pinterest Marketing: A Small Business Guide

Pinterest isn't just for visual brands (or finding great recipes). Learn how to create a Pinterest marketing strategy that works for your business, no matter what your industry. Read more »


Becoming Your Own Boss: A Bplans Guide

You're ready to ditch your office job and become your own boss. But how do you start—and what if you don't have an idea or a plan? This guide is for you. Read more »


Instagram Marketing: A Small Business Guide

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Twitter Marketing: A Small Business Guide

Ready to dive into the world of Twitter marketing? Our guide will show you how to make the most of Twitter for your small business. Read more »


SWOT Analysis: A Curated List of Our Best Resources

With a completed SWOT analysis, you can develop a strategy to ensure your business's success. Here are our favorite resources on creating a SWOT analysis, including examples, downloads, and interactive challenges. Read more »


A Checklist For Your First Year in Business

So, you've successfully launched your business—congratulations! What next? Our first year in business checklist will help ensure you're on the right track. Read more »


Facebook Marketing: A Small Business Guide

The world of Facebook marketing can be a little overwhelming, especially for small businesses. Our guide will walk you through the process, and help you create a successful Facebook marketing strategy. Read more »


Cash Flow: A Curated List of Our Best Resources

They say that cash is king, and this is never more true than for small businesses. Run into cash flow problems, and you could be out of business—no matter how profitable you are. Here's a roundup of all the information you need to know. Read more »


Have the Best Opening Day Ever: A Bplans Checklist

Your opening day has finally arrived, and the last thing you want is for it to go unnoticed. Use our checklist to plan an unforgettable opening day for your new business. Read more »

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