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Brian Mackley

Brian L. Mackley is a cofounder of the Technology Advocacy Group. His background as a record setting sales professional in the SaaS environment, and as a professional sales trainer enable him to share the inside knowledge with his clients. He has trained thousands of technology sales professionals over the past decade and now shares his secrets with organizations to help level the playing field when buying technology. As an expert in SaaS and negotiation techniques, he teaches executives how to adopt technology without getting taken advantage of by clever commissioned sales reps or purposely confusing contracts. He has developed the sales methods and training for some of the largest technology companies in the U.S.

Recent Articles Published by Brian Mackley


SaaS 101: Starting a Software as a Service Business

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10 Keys to a Successful Smart Start in Communications

1.    Know the basic terms of telecom and internet providers. 2.    Build a relationship with trusted professionals, vendors, or advisers. 3.    Understand the difference between the cost, and the price (the lowest bidder for your telecom business could cost you the most if it doesn’t work) 4.    Read your bill! Make... Read more »


Top 10 Tips to Know Before You Buy Software as a Service or SaaS

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Smart Start Communications Guide

Communications are Vital The goal of this paper is to provide a quick guide to assist any business with the basic choices regarding phone and internet services. Today’s business owner has the benefit of many providers and a wide selection of technology options to choose from. Communications will be an ongoing expense, but doesn’t have... Read more »


Plan for Technology

We’re happy to introduce you to our newest BIG Blog contributing author: Brian Mackley. Brian is the co-founder of The Technology Advocacy Group, and his team is laser-focused on reducing the time and expense involved in adopting technology. We asked Brian to share his fresh point of view with the readers of The BIG Blog... Read more »