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David joined Mega Tech of Oregon in 2004 while attending Oregon State University and working towards a degree in Marketing Management. During that time he was involved with different facets of manufacturing, from supply chain management to the actual PCB Assembly. In fact, he was involved in a little bit of everything. He now develops new business relationships and works with clients to shepherd their projects through production.

Recent Articles Published by David Schroeder


Quantity vs. Price: Be Careful Not to Overspend

When businesses are getting ready to launch a new product, we often see them overrun their headlights on the amount of money spent purchasing materials.  By overrunning their headlights, I’m referring to the fact that people will focus on the unit price alone, and ignore the total amount of money required to purchase all of... Read more »


The Rule of 10 for Product Design

In product design, mistakes are costly, and the longer it takes to discover a problem, the more costly it becomes. I came across an article written by Dr. David M. Anderson about Design for Manufacturability where he talks about “The Rule of 10“.  He claims that it costs 10 times more to find and repair a defect... Read more »