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Jeffrey GrayJeffrey Gray

Jeffrey Gray

Jeffrey Gray is the Marketing Manager at iContact, a leading email marketing application based in Durham, NC. He managers all advertising campaigns and marketing initiatives, is the editor for Email Marketing Monthly, and writes for “Ask the Marketing Guy” on the iContact Blog. He writes about Marketing, Advertising and Life in General on his blog at Want to connect with Jeffrey directly? Follow him professionally and personally on LinkedIn or Twitter.

Recent Articles Published by Jeffrey Gray


Get the most out of your Newsletter

Breaking News for Email Newsletter Publishers: You can do more with your online newsletter! Ask not what your readers can do for you; ask what you can do for readers. That’s right, every single time you publish a newsletter and send it you’re your subscribers, you should be asking yourself one question; “Is this newsletter... Read more »


Building an Email Marketing List

Rome was not built in a day. The Romans took their time building something great You can’t take random ingredients and expect to bake great Lasagna. You need specific ingredients and instructions. If you’re buying email lists with unqualified prospects, it can turn out to be a recipe for disaster. Building vs. Purchasing Email Lists... Read more »