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JT Ripton is a business consultant and a freelance writer out of Tampa. JT has written for companies like T-Mobile and others. You can follow him on Twitter @JTRipton.

Recent Articles Published by JT Ripton


How to Expand Your Boutique Business

Expanding your boutique business is crucial if you want to survive. Fortunately, today’s wealth of online platforms and tools can empower you to reach a wider audience. In this post, we’ll explore how you can grow your enterprise, attract customers, and more. Read more »


7 Ways Small Companies Can Out-Innovate Big Corporations

Innovation has the power to drive even the smallest businesses to success, but is it enough to help them take on the biggest corporations? When it comes to innovation, here's how small business can use their size as an advantage. Read more »


Five Tips for Better Mobile Customer Engagement

When it comes to your website, a strong mobile strategy should be a high priority. Here's how to engage with the customers who are accessing your site via mobile—which, according to the latest data, is most of them. Read more »


Five Business Technology Trends for 2017

As we settle into a new year, it's natural to look forward. With that in mind, here are the upcoming technology trends that will impact entrepreneurship and small business. Read more »


How the Movement to Mobile Will Affect Your Business

More than half of all digital media is now consumed on a mobile device, which means your business needs to have a mobile strategy. Read more »


Top Small Business Technology Trends of 2016

What trends will 2016 bring? We have compiled a list of 7 business technology trends for 2016 that will help drive performance and grow your small business. Read more »


8 Ways to Create Real Customer Loyalty

No matter the size of the business, customer loyalty is incredibly important. Repeat customers spend up to 67 percent more than new customers. Plus, it’s up to ten times more expensive to try to attract new customers than it is to keep the ones already doing business with you. If you’re looking for real ways... Read more »

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